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Under Father Gabe's guidance, the rectory became a place of refuge from the tumult of home for many at-risk girls, serving as a quiet place to study or work on youth group projects.

Church Youth Group Service Projects

Youth Special Events assist with youth group projects, receptions and fundraisers

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Patrick Bleser plays cymbals for the Alter High School pep band. He is the one jamming on the electric guitar for their marching band. He is a future automobile engineer, and volunteers with Incarnation Church and with its Youth Group projects. But one thing Patrick wouldn’t be described as by peers is a 16 year old with medical problems.

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Did you know that the Museums host several types of educational programs? We encourage you to use these programs to enhance your curriculum studies and youth group projects. Our programs are divided into four series:

· You would like to help coordinate on of the Youth Group projects/fundraisers.
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Headstart and Youth Group projects

The mobilization of youth in Kenya and growth of youth group enterprise projects took centre stage in the last four years with the creation of Ministry of youth affairs and sports in the year 2005. The Department of Youth development was established in January 2007 with an aim of spearheading the general empowerment of the youths with key objectives being; promoting Youth-owned Small and Micro Enterprise (SME) projects, promoting thriftiness and self-reliance among the youth, promoting an entrepreneurial culture among the youth, and promoting marketing of Youth Products and Services. (The national youth policy 2007). The study aims at broadening understanding about the factors that influence performance of various youth group income generating projects in Taita district. It also aimed at giving remedial measures to the problems faced by youth group initiated projects so as to improve their performance and realize their goals. The objectives included identification of the extent to which youth group management/leadership skills affect the project performance; establishing whether the nature of project activities undertaken by the youth affect the overall performance; determining if the planning and control of funds affects the performance of the youth group projects; investigate whether the support given by the government and other organizations affects the performance of youth group projects. The study was limited to youth group initiated projects which are income generating in Taita district, Coast Province. A survey was conducted on sampled youth group projects in Taita district. The study concentrated on analyzing the factors affecting the overall performance of youth group initiated projects in Taita district. The groups were stratified according to their categories of projects/activity. From the targeted population a random sample of 60% was taken from each category to give a total sample of 35 projects. Data for the study consisted of primary data collected by use of questionnaires and secondary data based on youth group performance reports submitted to the respective group coordinators to the Provincial director in the Ministry of youth affairs, department of Youth development. The data was analyzed using statistical package of social sciences software and findings was presented in form of tables, charts and figures.

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Great for classroom or youth group projects

1. Mobilizing community groups in a service network of savings and loans for community-based microfinance
2. HIV & AIDS awareness, counseling, support innovative programmes in orphans and vulnerable children and home based health care (HBC) for the HIV affected
3. Free computer training to orphans, vulnerable youths and women in the community.
4. A rehabilitation program for street children to support their basic needs and provide them with community-based education,
5. Educational support initiative to orphans, street children of Luanda and vulnerable children.
6. A capacity-building structure which involves educational training programs in leadership, group management, and financial skills
7. A volunteer program ; deploying of international volunteers and places villagers in groups charged with specific community tasks in relation to their skills, strengths, and interests
8. Alternative to violence peace trainings (AVP) for the community members.
9. Eco-tourism and environmental management
10. Programmes for cultural exchange
11. Computer services to the community, internet services
12. Provisional computer services for the community, such as typesetting, printing, photocopy services etc.
13. Youth empowerment activities such as sports, theatre, career development and drug abuse training, as well as building overall awareness and engagement through youth group projects.
14. women and sisters empowerment activities, empowering women to realize their potential and engage in development
15. Community library for reading, borrowing and exchange of ideas.

Raising funds for for church youth group projects, such as mission trips or..

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Eight scholarships are awarded each year. There is one graduate level scholarship in the amount of $600, one undergraduate scholarship in the amount of $500, and six scholarships for elementary, high school or youth group projects each in the amount of $250.