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It might not feel like that, but your PhD matters.

This is how you will receive your PhD of Compassion.

You can contact your supervisor to get help with funding of your PhD.

In Germany, there are two ways to do your PhD: the "traditional and individual doctoral route" or "structured doctoral programmes". Currently, around 90 per cent of doctoral candidates are following the traditional route to gain their doctoral degree, while some 10 per cent are writing their dissertations as part of structured doctoral programmes.

If you just do that, your PhD will be considered a success.

Separate from a formal academic presentation, you should also be prepared to give an elevator-pitch version of your PhD project- one to two minutes. Be sure that you have a version that your grandparents understand and a version for the academic community. Doing great research is one thing, but communicating your findings and making people care about your results is also a very important skill.

Hey, I just want to tell you that… your PhD matters.
Want to earn your PhD degree, but aren't sure you have the academic credentials required? Find out what it takes to earn your doctorate degree. PhD research proposal, as the basis of your entire project, plays the crucial role in successful Doctorate degree defense. In this proposal you have not just to lay out and introduce your plans, you have to convince funders or supervisors that your project is worth their time or money. Meeting and addressing all these high standards can be a formidable challenge, and when faced with a great challenge there’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help. Our team of expert writers is experienced and skilled in varying fields of English and writing, from technical to creative writing, and this diverse experience is certain to bring a fresh, intriguing, and professional edge to your PhD research proposal. No matter how many pages, what subject, what field of study, our writers can analyze and improve every aspect and ensure a high quality proposal.Welcome! Whether you are prospering, struggling or just mulling along in your PhD, we invite you to engage differently with your experience of doing a PhD and to find new ways to create more of what you want from it.At that moment you doubt whether you should quit your PhD or not. Is t going to get better in the second half of my PhD? Couldn’t I be at a different job instead of wasting my time here?If the proposal can be the most difficult element of your PhD research, it can also be the part with the greatest reward. Your proposal, based on its quality, can win support over project and allow it to continue as you hoped, or even ascertain funding or support you hadn’t previously foreseen. This is very difficult, if not impossible, without professional help. Anyone who’s made it to the PhD level is a hard working and intelligent student, to distinguish yourself from this accomplished mass you have to have to absolute best, and that’s what we can give you!I will also share my opinion and personal experiences on the temptations of quitting your PhD (aka Fuck This Shit) and taking a job before graduating.
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Commencing your PhD - What you need to know to get started

Like in the private sector, universities are also looking for staff which can understand global issues and be able to interact with a diverse student population. So your CV can be enhanced by doing your PhD abroad but you need to consider "how" and "where" will have an influence on this. Your network of research contacts will be increased considerably, either because your fellow PhD students will be your colleagues of tomorrow or because the contacts your supervisor has and the researchers you meet.

This document provides some tips and good resources related to starting out on your PhD.

Your PhD Companion - Book Review

See it as planting a lot of seeds. See it as creating a lot of dots, that once connected will lead to your new job. In any case, many actions will lead nowhere, but you maximize the chances of finding a job in industry after your PhD or a job finding you.

This document provides some guidelines for planning your PhD and keeping on track.

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Have you always wanted to see the letters Ph.D. after your name? Do you dream of being an eminent emissary of knowledge and instruction in your specific field? The truth is that writing a dissertation and getting your PhD is quite difficult. It requires a little bit of finesse and luck, as well as a lot of hard work and teaching. But is the reward worth it? Totally!