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Sometimes the student has good ideas but has no idea how to put them into paper with a good and logical structure. If he applies to the essay writers service that does not offer the communication option, it won't be helpful at all. With us you can message your online essay writer in order to explain him what do you want to include in your paper and your essay writer will follow all the specifications completing the exact paper you need. The essay writers online also will find good arguments for your thoughts and having been working with a huge number of literature, they will support those arguments with links to the academic sources that deal with the issue.

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1 Whenever a client requests to meet with their writer we make all possible attempts to facilitate this meeting. This service is, however, subject to availability and in those rare instances where we cannot arrange for you to meet your essay writer face-to-face we will notify you of this at the earliest possible opportunity.The quality of the papers are also in control of quality department, which deal with checking how properly your online essay writer has written your paper and how attentively your instructions have been followed by the essay writer assigned. After the certain paper was written by the essay writer online, it is forwarded to the quality department, where the specialists check if the completed essay is originally written, if the main and specific instructions are taking into account while writing. As only the professional essay writers are working on us, in most cases there are no issues with the papers, but we check everything anyway in order to avoid any misunderstandings and inconveniences. Thus, the paper is checked through the plagiarism detecting system being created by our IT-department, so when checked via turnitin the paper will be shown as non-plagiarized. Secondly, the quality department team see if the word count of the paper written by your essay writer is the same as you have paid for, taking into account that 1 page has 275 words according to our policies. Then if everything is okay, we proceed to analysis of the academic level of writing, its number of sources requested and completed, the way of citations being included and cited in accordance to the needed paper format. For you to know, the quality department never pays attention to deadlines as our essay writers never fail with this and submit papers in time or even far before the deadline. Only after the certain paper passes this control and the quality department consider your online essay writer to be correct and professional in completion of your paper, it is sent to customer. Otherwise, if there are some issues that need corrections, the paper is sent to writer for the appropriate corrections and until it is not done properly, it won't be uploaded for you.
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One way to ensure that both you and your essay writer are protected is to use an escrow service or a retainer. Either pre-pay the agreed upon fee into an escrow service, which will hold onto the money until the task is completed, or give your writer a small portion of the overall fee as a “retainer”. This will protect you from having your money taken away, and will help the writer feel more confident about you as a client.

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It is surely always interesting for you, who will be your essay writer working on your assignment. Due to the privacy policy we cannot tell you the name of your online essay writer, his phone number or the e-mail address of your essay writer. However, there are some facts about your essay writer and about our professional essay writers in a whole for you to be sure that the paper will be written well.