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When it was first release the book met a lot of mixed reviews from critics mainly because of the narration that depicted mental and physical cruelty. Although, Jane Eyre is considered the best work produced by the two sisters, this book has also been argued for its originality and achievements and many critics believe that this has made it superior over the rest. The book was so successful that it was adapted for TV, films and radio. If you are to attempt Wuthering heights essay questions you should make sure you have all the information about these adaptations too.

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The book starts with the arrival for Lockwood, the year 1801 at a home that he has rented from Healthcliff, who also owns Wuthering Heights. Lookwood is treated with rudeness by the inhabitants something that he does not understand. As time progresses he starts to understand the reasons for the ill treatment. As the story unfolds a lot of things become known to Lockwood, adding a lot of twists and turns to the story. If you are to attempt a Wuthering height essay question then you should keep in mind all these twist and turns and try to make the answer as interesting as possible.

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Wuthering Heights essay questions should keep the reader guessing. Wuthering heights is a gothic novel by Emily Bronte which was first published in 1847.
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