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This week, Education World presents five letter-writing lessons that are sure to get your stamp of approval! Click on each of the lesson headlines below for a complete teaching resource. (Appropriate grades for each lesson appear in parentheses.)

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Here is an example of how you might conduct an effective writing lesson.

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Writing lesson plans acknowledge and respect that every emerging writer is different and may require different amounts of time or support at each stage.

Writing Lesson Plans - The Teacher's Corner

I actually have been posting two lessons a month: a writing lesson of the month and a writer's notebook idea of the month. The main lessons of the month from the past can all be accessed below. The past writer's notebook lessons can all be located at my .

Writing lesson #2: Proofread before you publish, e.g. “lession” in your header. 😉
These writing lessons and activities will allow the young authors in your classroom to shine!

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The writing lessons provide a logical and natural sequence for emerging writers as they move from single pictures with one-word labels to compositions that include sentences with more complex language structures.

A brilliant bank of writing lesson plans, worksheets and teaching ideas from our expert authors.

Writing Lessons - English as a Second Language

October's writing lesson of the month--""-- is actually the center-square lesson from our October Writer's Notebook Bingo Card. The free preview of that product ended yesterday, and this month's lesson is a reminder of the importance of helping students find creative ways to express…

Once a month, I'll send you a Common Core-friendly writing lesson (inspired by WritingFix) and a writer's notebook idea from my own website.

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For the 2012-13 school year, I decided to continue with the "Lesson of the Month" forum here at our own website; however, since I don't have time to write up a full lesson every month, I will be experimenting with some new formats for presenting lesson ideas in a way that's still valuable but more efficient to me. With the income we are earning from our , Dena and I will pay for the "Writing Lesson of the Month" service so that teachers can continue to sign up and have the materials e-mailed to then as a lesson link.