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Our aim is to help you, the scientist, publish your work in peer-reviewed scientific journals and promote it widely. As such, we offer writing and editing services to academics in a wide range of fields.

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Whether you’re a novice writer or have years of experience, you can benefitfrom the services offered by WriteAway! Whether you’re looking for someone towrite a proposal or business letter for you, need a light proofread to checkfor grammar or punctuation errors, or want a more thorough edit to help youorganize your document or make your writing more clear and concise, let us workwith you to make your documents as sharp as they can be. Authors, businesses,those who speak English as a second language, students, and individuals can allbenefit from professional writing and editing services.

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Why shouldn’t writers and editors get the credit they deserve and improve their public image? Just as the visual industry uses scripts and words as an aid, writing and editing services should use graphical elements to enhance their identity. We feel writers and editors have a thing or two to learn from copywriting company logos, as they usually have logos and websites which are brimming with originality. Creativity is a major standpoint for any service which requires writing, but to impart this skill through a is an art (which can be learned). Let’s discuss in detail some of the techniques used by copywriters to make their companies stand out and how anyone in the field of stringing words together can use these techniques to create powerful writing and editing service brand identities... More >

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At A-1, your assigned editor will have the appropriate experience for your project: business editors for business projects, academic editors for academic projects, creative writing editors for your book manuscript, and etc. In fact, all of A-1’s editors are published authors (novels, nonfiction books, academic essays, general readership articles, book reviews, technical manuals, and much more), which means we understand the time and attention any writer has given to his or her writing project. Many of our editors are also present and former creative writing instructors, which allows us to provide personalized mentoring and consulting services for creative writers. We also have present and former academics on staff who have experience in many subject areas, which means A-1 can provide mentoring and consulting to the authors of theses and dissertations whose advisors are not adequately helpful. Our business and technical editors are equally experienced in their respective fields, and thus we can provide you or your business with the best online professional writing and editing services available. We also always provide a service agreement for all writing and editing services, which spells out the specifics of the services to be delivered and the price quote in black and white.While fiction is our specialty, you’ll find writing and editing resources for all of your needs. Editing, copy editing, proofreading, proposal help, customized writing packages — Bradley Writing and Editing Services is here to help you.Improve your writing skills through our online creative writing courses Write Powerfully Avoid Useless Words writing and editing services and Phrases. Contact us 24 7 for a free quote today!From book and manuscript editing to statistics and dissertation help, we have editors to fit your every writing need. writing a paper on customer service We also offer writing and editing services for different academic and professional levels. For example, if you wanted to purchase a business writing document, we can tailor it to fit your career needs: internship, entry-level, executive or military. You can be sure that we will pay careful attention to your exact needs based on the instructions you provide. If you are not satisfied with any of our writing or editing services, we will do everything in our power to make sure that you are satisfied. After all, we want you to refer your friends to our service and come back as a repeat customer.
The Write Style provides high quality writing and editing services that help businesses get out their message and communicate better.

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I would like to thank Temi for her assistance with my project. She was always there whenever I was in doubt and had questions concerning my paper. Her expertise and advice has given me a better understanding about the dissertation process. I would definitely recommend her professional writing and editing services.

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A wide range of writing and editing related services, including: academic writing (e.g., thesis and dissertation coaching and editing), writing tutorial (for adults and high school students only), business writing (e.g., Web content and marketing collateral), English tutorial (for working professionals whose native language is not English) and college & graduate/professional school application assistance (help with application essays and overall application strategy), as well as interview training (for jobs and academic admission).

Dan Edelen of Ethereal Pen Productions provides the following freelance writing and editing services:

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A wide range of writing and editing related services, including: academic writing (e.g., thesis and dissertation coaching and editing), writing tutorial (for adults and high school students …