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As suggested in the title, this paper is aimed at providing an overview of the Federal Republic of Central America (FRCA). For a student who found out, during his World history class, that Latin America is the region where he possesses the least historical knowledge, writing an overview paper on the history of Latin America was an ideal method of gaining the lacking knowledge on the region. Therefore, the student decided to change his term paper topic although half of the semester was over and tried to come up with topics that might suit his purpose. Among the thirteen topics he that he was interested in, one had already been chosen by a graduate of the same school, one was deemed as a topic appropriate for a doctoral thesis, and ten were too focused on the 20th century. That is why the student chose to study the remaining topic, FRCA.

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I began by writing an overview of three text types we were all going to cover from September to December. Our school has developed an excellent Creative Curriculum so I planned the work around our whole-school theme: My Place in Space. From here, I planned in detail the UKS2 Literacy covering Explanations, Journalistic writing and Instructions. We plan in what we call ‘modules’ so have gone away from the Mon-Fri plan as so many teachers would worry if they hadn’t covered everything they’d written down in that week! Planning in a modular way has allowed staff more freedom to take the time needed with different aspects of the children’s learning, which is obviously far better for the children themselves. Although we had aimed for each module to take approximately 3 weeks, as ever, with other things happening in school, the modules are taking longer to cover.

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My twin passions are rhetoric as social action and understanding the twisty ins and outs of teaching and learning. Such questions as "How do people learn best?" and "What are the key goals and methods for writing and rhetoric classes?" underlie most of my research. That combination of the scholarship of teaching and learning and rhetoric as social action led me early in my career to service learning and community-engaged learning. I’ve continued to work with community partners ever since in a range of the classes I teach, including Introduction to Writing Studies and Literacy, Culture, and Identity. My research, too, has involved inquiries into how students and teachers can participate in communities and communities can benefit from and provide opportunities for people in higher education.

My most recently published project was certainly a labor of love, A Guide to Composition Pedagogies, in its second and substantially revised edition. The book intends to offer for newcomers to the teaching of writing an overview of a range of theoretical and practical approaches to instruction; it is both bibliographic and a good starting point for navigating writing studies. The new edition features new chapters on Second Language Writing instruction, Online and Hybrid Pedagogies, and New Media approaches, among others. An additional project I’m working on with Ph.D. candidate MK Laughlin is a nationwide survey study of student use of teacher feedback.

In the recent past, I ran NDSU’s first-year writing program for about 5 years, and I’ve moved in the last year into directing the general education program at NDSU, hopefully soon to become a new Bison Core. That means I get to work with faculty across campus to think about how to transform curriculum for all of our students: a big challenge and an important one.

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A2: The difference between a summary and the conclusions is less clear. First, it is not clear if the summary is to be compared with the Abstract or the Conclusions. A summary may also be more appropriate as "conclusions" when writing an overview where the conclusions may not be easy to identify. As stated above some journals use the word Summary instead of Conclusions. Sometimes this can also be labelled "Synthesis" and cap off a lengthy discussion.

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Ellen is a former product manager at Kickstarter and is writing an overview of crowdfunding