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To summarize, all you need to do to write an adult book is to write from your own perspective (implying that you are an adult yourself, of course), instead of trying to take on the perspective of your non-adult characters. Or, if you are older than 25 and want to write for college age kids, to not write from your older perspective but from theirs.

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If you know your writing needs more devoted attention to prepare you to write for college, you should register for English 106, multiple sections of which are offered every semester. If no seats are available in the existing sections, contact SAS and the Writing Program Director--we will try to make room for you even if we have to start a new section.

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See what’s available through your high school guidance counselor or parents’ employers, suggests Michelle Day, director of financial aid at William Peace University (NC). Next, research scholarships aimed at your specific interests or hobbies. Check out local and community foundations, professional organizations for your major, ethnic organizations, nonprofits and corporations. There are also essay contests where you can write for college money! (See brief on page 17.) Ask your teachers and do Internet searches to find these contests.

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Most teenagers only write one personal essay: the one they write for college applications

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Students themselves are also increasingly funding their own educations as parents' contributions decline and scholarship and grant money dries up. The checks parents write for college tuition and other expenses are now about 37 percent of the total amount spent on college in 2012, down from a peak of 47 percent in 2010.

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Upper level students will be using the text, Write for College, which applies the Write Traits to prepare students for the rigors of writing at the college level.

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