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Tim Knox: Gotcha. I think it’s an important point there. There’s kind of a total marketing package now, if you will, when you write a book online. You want a website, you want to put it on Amazon, Kindle, CreateSpace, et cetera but the importance of YouTube – a lot of people don’t even think about that. I’ve written a book. Why do I need to be on YouTube? Why do I need to record videos? Why do I even need a podcast? You and I, we’re old podcasters. Talk for just a minute about the value of maybe starting a podcast to help you build a platform to promote and sell your books.

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Foytek, Sr., reflected on the forces that first inspired him to start writing. It all goes back to a question posed by his cousin Joe Strunka, a retired professor living in Alaska, who sent the future author a book at Christmastime, asking, “Why don’t you write a book? You’re the best deer hunter I ever knew,” Foytek, Sr., said, adding that just like that, a light switch went off, and he began researching how to write a book online.

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