Will Drafters bring you a Will writing service that:

At just just £29.50 for a single will or £39.50 for a pair of wills, our will writing service is considerably cheaper than anything offered by wills & probate solicitors and is much more professional than a will writing kit.

Will writing services can work:

A will writing service could be a good choice for you if:

Proposed budget will expand services; tax levy will go up

Once you've chosen the solicitor you want to use, call it to arrange an appointment making sure you mention you're using the Cancer Research UK Free Will Service.

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If you opted to get legal cover as part of your home or car insurance policy, check whether it includes a will service. For example, More Than's approx £20 home insurance add-on legal service allows access to a range of wills and other legal template documents.

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With personal service, one-to-one advice and a Will drafted individually to suit your personal circumstances and wishes, our Will writing service represents excellent value for money and for a limited time only £43 for a single Will or £64 for a joint Will (normally £86 for a single Will or £129 for two Wills for a couple). So, why go anywhere else?
As we say on our web site, our will writing service is easy (no forms for you to complete), straightforward, hassle free and excellent value for money ­ (for our limited offer price - normally, only £129 for two wills for a couple or £86 for a single Will). However, should you require more complicated Wills containing trusts then additional charges may apply. See below.

If you have young children (under 18) who you wish to provide for in the event that you (and your partner, if you have one) pass away then we will include in your Will(s) an Accumulation & Maintenance Trust for no additional charge. The Trustees appointed by you can then provide your nominated children's Guardian(s) with sufficient funds to care for your children until they reach 18 or a later age, if you wish, when they can then inherit. From April 2006, if you choose an age later than 18 then additional tax may apply.

If you have a child who is handicapped or some other person who you would like to benefit from your Will who you think may not be able to handle their own financial affairs then you may wish to include a Discretionary Trust.

A protective property trust can be used for two purposes:
Find out how our Discounted Will Writing Service makes getting a professionally written will as easy as possible.

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You have absolutely nothing to lose with my personal unique 30 day, no quibble, money-back guarantee. If within 30 days of receiving your Will you are not happy with the Will Drafters' Will Writing Service or do not wish to proceed for any reason then simply return your unsigned Will to Will Drafters for a full, no quibble refund.

Which? Wills says this will writing service may not be suitable for those wanting to include a business in the will.

Welcome to Willcraft Legal Services

EA Will Services specialises in providing a professional and personal Willwriting service for families and friends. Making a Will is not something that we all do regularly as part of our daily lives. However more people are now making a Will as they realise that the wealth that they have built up needs to be managed properly and effectively through a Will.
Most assume that a Will is for the older generation but it is often more important for young families to make a Will. By making a Will you will be able to create a bespoke Trust that will provide for your family?s financial security. You will be able to appoint Guardians, people who will look after your children.
Unmarried partners, second marriages, stepchildren, family disputes and so on often lead to competing interests, none of which are recognised by the law. By making a Will you will be able to address the competing and different needs of everyone in your family unit.
Are you concerned that your children might be disinherited if you need long term care and your wealth is used to pay for such care? Are you concerned that if your spouse or partner remarries and leaves what they have to their new partner, thus disinheriting your children? If so, by making a Will including Trusts, you can ensure that what you have worked for goes to whoever you choose, while ensuring the financial security of yourself and your loved ones.

The Cancer Research UK Free Will Service is free to you, but do think about making a bequest to Cancer Research UK to support their work.

Certainty is the National Will Register and Will search service

We offer our will translation services to the public sector, private companies, law firms and individuals. Regardless of who the job is for, we deal with our clients’ requests with the utmost in privacy and professionalism. You can trust us with your personal documents.