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Congratulations on presenting and defending your thesis/dissertation. Your final step is to upload your academic work through ProQuest/UMI Dissertation Publishing. Please follow the instructions linked above.

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: Although doctoral candidates at the University of Chicago are required to grant ProQuest UMI Dissertation Publishing non-exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute their dissertations, authors hold the copyright for their own dissertations and retain the right to publish elsewhere. Authors may choose to register copyright or not, whether through ProQuest's UMI ETD Administrator or on their own through the United States Copyright Office. N.B. If a dissertation includes previously copyrighted material beyond fair use, the author must obtain written permission from the copyright holder.

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: Doctoral candidates at the University of Chicago are required to grant ProQuest UMI Dissertation Publishing non-exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute their dissertations. If publishing elsewhere, authors must retain the right to publish through ProQuest. Authors may choose either Traditional Publishing (recommended) or Open Access Publishing. Authors may choose whether or not ProQuest will allow Google Books to index their dissertations. (Selecting No to search engines is recommended if the future publication of the dissertation is a concern.) Authors may also choose to delay the release of their dissertation in ProQuest for 6 months, 1 year or 2 years. This decision should be made in consultation with faculty (and as appropriate, research collaborators). If for any reason an author needs to restrict access to a dissertation after graduation, the author should contact the Dissertation Office.

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Doctoral dissertations are original contributions to scholarship. As a condition for receipt of the doctorate, all students are required to execute a publication agreement with ProQuest UMI Dissertation Publishing. If a dissertation includes copyrighted material beyond fair use, the author must obtain permission from the holder of the copyright. provides UMI dissertation examples, UMI dissertation proposal, and UMI dissertation topics. Now, you do not have to ask; who will put in writing my UMI dissertation express? Who will assist me in writing UMI dissertation? Can anyone lend a hand to me to write a UMI dissertation express? From wherever can you get assistance for writing your UMIs?
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After your final review appointment, the Graduate School Degree Coordinator will approve and submit your dissertation to ProQuest/UMI Dissertation Publishing for microfilming and binding. You will receive an email notification when the Graduate School has approved your dissertation for publication. Your submission of the dissertation is final and you are not allowed to make changes once it has been approved by the Graduate School Degree Coordinator. The UW-Madison Library will receive a bound copy and an electronic version of your dissertation.

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