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The Best College Essays of 2015 Year

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In my experience, the best college essays have several characteristics in common. First, they answer the application essay prompt within the specified length. Secondly, great essays tell a story and draw the reader into that story from the very first sentence. This initial pull is called a “hook.” As you read the essays in the following pages, notice the hooks. As you read, close your eyes after each hook. Do you remember the scene? After finishing the essay, consider what stands out to you: the story-line, the vocabulary, the active language, the poignancy, the emotion?

The best college essays are those which effectively allow you as an applicant to tell a story

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Taking time to write the best college essays you can possibly create. Yes,
you will probably have to write more than one, so begin if you can in the summer before
senior year. There are many helpful books and online resources which provide samples
of successful essays, but the important thing to remember is to BE YOURSELF. Write in
a voice that sounds comfortable to you — forget the thesaurus! —- and imagine that
you are talking to the admissions counselor who is reading your essay. This is a very
special part of your application, your chance to open a window to yourself as a person,
revealing what the admissions committee could not learn from your transcript, resume,
or letters of recommendation.