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Discuss the teacher's homework philosophy. Teachers use homework for different purposes, says Gwynn Mettetal, an associate professor of education at Indiana University South Bend. Some teachers use homework to reinforce lessons already learned in class. If this is the case and your child finds the work too difficult, you might need to help your child at home. Some teachers use homework to introduce new material. If this is the teacher's policy and your child has been working alone on homework, the teacher might tell you she expects you to work more closely with your child on the assignments.

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How teachers think homework is done vs how homework is actually done – comic

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This Page contains links to various webpages where our teachers post homework assignments and class information for EHS Students and Parents. Many, but not all teachers use Moodle to provide this service.

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Homework Check. Teachers check homework at the beginning of class and keep a record of timely completion of homework. A student's mastery of quality and timely homework completion appears as part of on the academic report.

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A major problem that most students face is dealing with lots of homework while doing extra activities outside of school. Teachers plan homework according to their schedules and do not realize that some students do not have enough time to do all of their homework which can lower students’ grades.TEACHERS HAVE HOMEWORK TOO!This durable lightweight canvas tote is a great teacher gift. Can hold up to 15kg. Designed by Lorrie Veasey. .- Measures 15" L x 0.125" W x 15" H Made of Cotton 100%.
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There needs to be a balance and for parents to think that teachers assign homework because we are not doing our job is ridiculous and quite frankly, insulting. I wish I was allowed to do the job I was hired to do and signed up to do. Instead I am required to teach a curriculum created by non-educators so that students will pass the almighty test.

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While you may be tempted to blame the teacher for homework problems right off the bat, don't. If you're upset about a teacher's homework policy or you think she's handing out too much work, talk to her about your concerns first. It may be that your child is struggling in class and needs extra help.

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One reason we teachers assign homework (at least in the primary grades) is to teach responsibility. Children that consistently don’t turn in homework in my room are usually very unorganized and are much less responsible than their classmates. Homework helps both these areas.