Figure 4.186. Submitting a Thesis Abstract

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Submit the following documents to the Graduate School:

Submission site: You will submit the electronic copy of your thesis online through

Final items submitted to the Graduate School

As a candidate for a research degree you may submit your thesis or dissertation to The Graduate School using the system. The Graduate School will verify that the formatting requirements have been met and will send an electronic copy of your document to your Special Committee for final approval. Approved theses and dissertations are sent to the Olin Library for printing, binding, and cataloging. You can order extra copies from Olin Library to keep or share.

Submitting Your Thesis or Dissertation to the Graduate School

Submitting a departmental copy
A first semester thesis must be submitted to the department in acceptable form by 5pm on the final day of the Winter Study period. A second semester thesis or year-long thesis must be submitted to the department in acceptable form for final grading no later than one week preceding the first day of the final exam period (spring semester). (Please note that individual departments may have stricter deadlines than those mentioned above.) Printed copies of the thesis to be bound for the students advisor or department should be turned in to Sawyer Library's Collection Management Department (2nd floor). Collection Management will accept printed copies to be bound until 4pm each day during the week of final exams, excluding weekends (spring semester). Include a signed copy of the release form with each departmental copy. Binding of printed copies is charged to the department.

In order to submit your thesis, you must upload a draft in PDF format to the .
Any questions about submitting a thesis, dissertation or report should be directed to:

Final Date to Submit PhD Theses

Before you submit you thesis to the DAR Repository you must obtain the following signed documents and submit them to your department along with a hard copy of your thesis:

The deadlines have been set for students to submit the final copy of their thesis/dissertation:

Submitting your thesis - University of Birmingham

After submitting your thesis, please complete the . Your feedback assists the Graduate College in improving graduate education for all students.

Please print the forms and submit them by mail at the following address:

Submission of Thesis for Examination/Re-examination a

Thursday, August 5, 2016
Last day to submit thesis/dissertation format revisions to the Graduate College. All final, properly formatted theses, dissertations, and doctoral projects must be submitted to the Graduate College via email by the end of the day. Please see the page for more details.