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Studying online is different to studying face-to-face. Here's some tips to help you...

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Taylor, N., Jenson, J., de Castell, S. and Dilouya, B. (2014), Public Displays of Play: Studying Online Games in Physical Settings. Journal of Computer‐Mediated Communication, 19: 763–779. doi: 10.1111/jcc4.12054

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[…] from the above mentioned, what is even good about studying online is that the person is given the chance to interact even more. This is the reason why education is […]

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Just because they’re online, doesn’t mean they’re easy. Studying for online classes takes self-discipline and good habits. Here are five great study tips to help you be successful in online courses.Students interested in pursuing geologist careers can look into obtaining a degree in geology online. Finding an accredited and all-inclusive course of study online can be a bit difficult. This is because the requirements to complete a geology degree can include significant amounts of laboratory work and fieldwork. Geology can be a hands-on discipline, so many potential students forgo studying geology online and instead take basic distance courses in preparation of attendance of a physical school. Studying online can be a daunting task. Geology is the study of the materials that make up the Earth and the processes that affect them. By its very nature, is a physical discipline that requires the use of multiple senses — touching, feeling and seeing are integral parts of study. However, those who choose to learn about geology online have options available to them in the form of academic websites and . You can study entirely online for an internationally recognised postgraduate qualification, such as a Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or Masters degree.Of course, students who seek simply to enrich the mind by studying geology online have many more options at their disposal. Countless websites explaining geology online exist; some of these websites are maintained by schools of every level, though no academic credit is given to those who peruse the website or use its teaching tools. Interested parties also can consider taking non-credit geology courses at local or state colleges. Some of these courses can be offered electronically, meaning that students can technically study geology online by taking them. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), for example, provides open coursework classes on . 5) Support: Studying online does not mean you are left alone in your self-study environment. Most online programmes are designed in such a way that you receive great support from university tutors and individual feedback to keep you focused on your studies.
You will be joining over 70% of our students who study online and we can’t wait to welcome you to our community.

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Online Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's or Doctor's degrees in many fields are offered by US online universities, colleges and professional schools. You can benefit from study online because of its flexibility and low cost.

Are you wondering why you should study online and obtain a degree from an online university? Well, here is why:

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Study online and graduate with a degree from a leading Australian University.

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3. Become Social
Studying online can be isolating for many students. You don’t see your instructor or your classmates every day like you would in a traditional classroom. You can help bridge this gap by interacting with your instructor and your classmates in other ways — through online discussion forums, video conferencing, and phone calls. Build an online support community to help you connect to others who are going through a similar experience. You can get inspiration and support from one another by talking about ideas, offering each other study tips, and more.