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(a) Thomas R. Dew (1802–1846), chair of history, metaphysics, and political economy at William and Mary College and eventually its president, wrote "An Essay on Slavery" (1832) defending slavery on biblical grounds. See pages for this lesson to read an excerpt of his biblically-derived, pro-slavery essay.

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Slavery has been around, in every culture, from the dawn of human civilization. Ancient tribes made slaves of those they defeated in battle. In Biblical times, many groups of people became slaves for a number of reasons. One reason was losing a battle or a war. Another was living in an area that had been taken over by a greater force. Some people were actually sold into slavery because they had committed a crime, voiced a political opinion or had angered their own family. Slavery has always been used against the weaker by the stronger. An accurate slavery essay would present that aspect. This can help build a strong or .

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1754 was an important year in the development of Quaker stances against slavery. Most well known is the publication of John Woolman's first of two essays against slavery This essay was first drafted in 1746, when Woolman was only 26. This was four years after Woolman first spoke in meeting and was the year of his first substantial ministerial journey; he traveled twice for a total of almost four months and 1,840 miles. Shortly before his death in 1750, Woolman's father encouraged him to present the essay to the Overseers of the Press, which he did in 1754. This essay was the widest distributed anti-slavery essay penned by a Friend to date.

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As you can see, slavery is not necessarily about race. It has been practiced by people of all colors throughout history, and is a crime against humanity regardless of who the owners or the slaves are. So writing a slavery essay isn’t as simple as it might appear on face value. Information on slavery in all it’s many, ugly forms can be found in history books as on the internet. Research is the key to writing and understanding the subject of slavery and writing an effective essay.

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