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This is hardly a new conversation. Consider the work done by and on this issue, and the at it last year. And Will Fitzhugh, who was the driving force behind the recently disclosed paper, has been tirelessly advocating for rigorous high school research papers for years. A retired history teacher, he runs the , the only journal that publishes high school students' history research papers, and as well. (He sums up his views on the importance of research papers in , from a few years ago, and more recently on The Washington Post's.)

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Selecting a topic for a high school research paper is an important process. The right topic not only helps you in getting a good grade, but it can make the writing process easier when you know what your topic needs and how to put it together. Finding a suitable topic includes taking time to think about your options and your personal interests. The selection process may be easier than you think when you consider the following points as a guide.

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We are here for you, when you need school essays, school term papers, and school research papers. Writing school papers can be complicated - all the formatting, research, and grammar rules to follow.

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A good high school research paper is a convincing one. You need to make sure it is written crearly, so that it have interesting and arguable thesis as well as construct paragraphs that are coherent and focused.

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High school research paper topics are often thought of as difficult features of . As a studious researcher and writer, you should keep in mind that coming up with appropriate high school research paper topics is the gateway to providing reasonable answers to high school research papers. There are so many ways of arriving at an appropriate topic. As a high school student, you can probe into a career you like or would want to expose to your readers. Alternatively, you might consider a field of work you know little or nothing about, and which you will want to know more through research and writing. This will warrant you to talk to people or experts in that particular field of study. You can also write on a subject in which you have become particularly curious about. This could be something you have taken note of over the media or from your immediate environment. There is no clear-cut rule that you must arrive at something specific for your topic. You can opt to select two or more topics that you think are of interest to you and later narrow your choice to something you know best and can make it better understood by your readers.