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The American School is proud to offer a large selection of high school courses for continuing education, including online world language courses through .

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Forest Trail Academy is an accredited K-12 online high school located in the United States of America committed to provide quality online distance education to students in USA and worldwide. We provide the best online school courses to all students including homeschoolers who want to enroll for Elementary school education (Kindergarten – Grade 5), Middle school / Junior high school for Grade 6 to 8 and High school diploma programs for Grade 9 -12 students.

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It's also important that high school students make sure that they do not fall behind on their classes, Heavanet. If they do, online high school courses are often offered to help students stay current in their classes in order to graduate on time.

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If you didn't take all the required high school courses or earned D grades in some of them, you have several options to make up these courses and qualify for CSU admission. You can complete appropriate high school courses with a grade of C or better either in summer school or in adult school. Courses in this category must be those found on the high school or adult school UC "a-g" course lists. Some adult schools may not have a-g course lists. The "Guide to Online High School Courses" was published in June 2002 and provides criteria for creating or assessing online courses as well as key policy issues to be addressed.
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Forest Trail Academy provides wide range of high school courses serve as a solid foundation for college and career. Forest Trail Academy’s high school courses are designed to personalize learning and enhance the education experience. Online High school Programs include the core curriculum, Advanced Placement Courses, diverse list of electives and foreign languages. Our core curriculum covers all the core subjects including Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Advanced Placement Courses are designed for high school students looking for more challenging curriculum to make them college and career ready. Dual Enrollment courses are offered to the high school students to earn the college credits simultaneously whilst in high school.

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Grade 12 course curriculum is designed for high school seniors to complete final high school course requirements. In 12th grade course curriculum students are introduced to the advanced topics of the core subjects, such that this lays a strong foundation for college education. For Grade 12 accelerated learners looking for challenges, Advanced placement courses and Dual enrollment courses offer rigor chance to earn the college credits and make them college and career ready.

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Our online high school classes include teachers, lessons, projects, homework, class discussions, and tests. All our accredited high school courses are taught by highly qualified teachers and our curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.