6. Psychology Elective Coursework (courses must be 2000 – 6999 level)

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5. Core Psychology Coursework (choose TWO courses from the list below)

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Prereq: 24 completed hours of psychology coursework, permission of the department chairman
This course gives the student the opportunity to gain experience in the application of psychological principles in various settings.Since much of Psychology Coursework writing requires research and experimenting, students should spend much time on gathering information and collecting the data required. Do you consider that spending your time on writing Psychology Coursework really worth it? Isn’t it better to rely on experts in writing Psychology Coursework?
Prereq: 24 completed hours of psychology coursework including PSY 270*, permission of the Department Chair
The student engages in a research project of his/her own design. The project is supervised by a psychology faculty member.
Prereq: At least 12 completed hours of psychology coursework, Junior/Senior/Graduate standing, permission of the instructor
An in-depth examination of a particular topic in one of 13 designated areas of psychology. Taught in seminar format. Topics will be announced during the preceding semester. Offered on an irregular basis.In addition, psychology coursework appears to focus more on the least-common disabilities, including psychiatric disabilities and cognitive disabilities, rather than the most common disabilities, such as chronic health and physical disabilities.
Psychology Coursework

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Some will accept entering students with no psychology coursework whereas others may prefer that students complete some coursework first. the responsibilities of undergraduate research assistants typically increase with experience.

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This course acts as a prerequisite for all other Psychology coursework

M.S. in Educational Psychology Coursework

Prereq: 24 completed hours of psychology coursework, permission of the department chairman
The student designs a set of readings in a chosen area of psychology. The work is completed under the supervision of the Department Chair.