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Currently, users often have no access to the analysis tool at all, because the administrator completely blocks OLAP data for security reasons and because of the configuration work required to make changes. In this way, TPG OLAP-SecurityManager provides staff with improved project data analysis capabilities and contributes to their project success.

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Group Project Data Analysis Plan

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In the paper the questions of project selection, necessary budget and project expenses recovery term is described. Such data for project evaluation as present value, net present value, profitability index, payback period etc. are explained as well as their importance. There are proved that knowledge bases for project data and results are needed and transition to the knowledge bases and intelligent information systems allows choose projects more correctly. PolyAnalyst, the data mining system of new generation was used for the project data analysis, discovering of dependencies and laws hidden in data.

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If you want to succeed in engineering project management, you must have a firm grasp of the proven methods and best practices. When choosing an online graduate degree program, look for those that specifically address project management in engineering, like the Master of Engineering Management offered by Ohio University. Examine the course offerings, and you’ll see a heavy focus on networking techniques, problem-solving methodology and engineering project data analysis. Armed with these methods and best practices, you’ll be able to confidently lead teams through engineering projects start to finish.

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