We run two levels of Microsoft Project training courses, and attendance on them will show anyone how to follow best practice, to avoid the common pitfalls that get in the way of project success, and use the software to deliver projects on time and on budget with confidence.

This Microsoft Project course covers the following topics:

Upon completion of this Microsoft Project course, you should be able to:

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This program provides the foundation skills and tools for successful project management. Standard project management courses often leave participants overwhelmed with a myriad of new techniques and uncertainty about how they all fit together. In this program participants apply the information they learn in a hands-on simulation. In the simulation, they assume the roles of project team members and take a project through its life cycle. The project is structured, planned, tested, scheduled, budgeted, and carried out by the participants. Participants analyze whether the project met its goals and budget, how it was managed, and ways it could be improved.

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Microsoft Project is a complex application and as a beginner it is easy to get things wrong, which will be very costly and extremely frustrating. Our Project introduction course will show you how to create a complete project plan correctly and quickly. During the day you will learn how to create and set up a project plan, how to enter tasks, dependencies and constraints and how to format and print the plan. You will also learn how to create and assign resources and track your project through to completion.

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We also provide project management courses on an on-site basis, so please call us at 1-866-PM-ASSIST if you are looking for any kind of project management related training for your organization.
Standard project management courses can leave participants overwhelmed with a myriad of new techniques and with little understanding of how they all fit together. This one-day program provides the integration often missing after project management training. Participants assume the roles of project team members and take a project through its life cycle. The program provides an excellent overview and reinforcement of project management skills, tools, and techniques, helping to put them all into perspective. Basic knowledge of project management tools and techniques is assumed.
The non-project management professional can take advantage of Project training, too. Say, for example, a software developer works in an organization that uses MS Project, but he or she has never been able to fully understand how a project schedule works, the importance of indicating predecessor and successor tasks, or the difference between tasks and milestones. Completing a MS Project training course could help.We offer the most practical Microsoft Project training group classes and private training in NYC, New York and live online Project training courses.
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Learning Objectives of the Project Server Courses

This Microsoft Project course follows a project management process of Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring/Controlling and Closing. The intent of this structure is to help make the correlation of how and when you use Microsoft Project in the various phases of a project's life.

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After completing all six units for this project management course, you should be able to define the terms project and project management; explain the role of the project manager during the project life cycle; identify human resource skills for forming and developing teams; balance project time, budget, and resource constraints; and apply project management tools and techniques for managing a project. More specifically, you should be capable of explaining what 5 key project management process groups are and what 9 key project management knowledge areas are. You should also be able to discuss what makes a project successful and what risks projects may have during the whole project life cycle. In today's global world, you also should be able to explain main challenges of managing global projects.

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