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The presentations listed above were prepared on a Macintosh with Powerpoint 98. We know that they work with that product installed on the computer (either PC or Macintosh), and we know that they work with Office 2000. You may have to go to the Preferences of your browser and set the applications menu to open the presentation with Powerpoint. Either that, or you can download the presentation to your desktop, open your Powerpoint software, and then open the downloaded file. If the presentation does not immediately open to the full-screen slide, you can click on "View Show" in the Slide Show menu, and the first slide should then open.

Business Presentation Powerpoint Template by bamafun

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Addition presentation power point

Microsoft saw the huge potential offered by PowerPoint and decided to take advantage of it. Microsoft included this software in Microsoft Office, so that users could find it and consider it an indispensable tool. However, Microsoft Office does not cover all the computers in the world, as there are also other Operating systems besides Windows. So they decided to release a version of this software that allows computers using other operating systems only to view the files made in PowerPoint. This is called PowerPoint Viewer. You can find it for download from the Microsoft Office Online Web site. So this software allows you to see the PowerPoint presentation on your computer, but you are not allowed to make any changes or make your own presentation in PowerPoint. If you want to do this you must purchase the whole package.

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After the video you want to que up the Bicycle Safety presentation power point (available from LMB) and follow through the screens

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