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Chen, J. C., Chao, G. C., Sun, C.-J., Chao, K.-J., Chien, J.-W., Chen, C.-C., Mo, C.-N., Peng, T.-W., Wei, Y.-Y., Feng, C.-H., Liu, Y.-C. and Chiang, M.-T. (2009), P‐58: Effective Order Assignment for Color Filter Fabs. SID Symposium Digest of Technical Papers, 40: 1309–1312. doi: 10.1889/1.3256538

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If not, is there a way to check budget availability at sales order assignment?

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Yes it is possible, however, there is no budget check at sales order assignment.
A. In a proceeding in which the court orders a person to pay support the court shall, and in a proceeding in which the court orders a person to pay spousal maintenance the court may, assign to the person or agency entitled to receive the support or spousal maintenance that portion of the person's income necessary to pay the amount ordered by the court. In a proceeding in which spousal maintenance is ordered to be paid the court shall order the assignment on either party's request. 4. The name and address of the payor to whom it is requested the order of assignment be directed and the name of the person obligated to pay support or spousal maintenance. B. A person who is obligated by an order to pay support or spousal maintenance, the person to whom support or spousal maintenance is ordered to be paid or the department or its agent in a title IV-D case may file a verified request with the clerk of the superior court requesting the clerk to issue an ex parte order of assignment for support or spousal maintenance. The ex parte order of assignment may include a payment for current support and any other support, current spousal maintenance, spousal maintenance arrearages and interest on spousal maintenance arrearages. A request filed by the department or its agent need not be verified. The request shall state: This is to notify you that part of your income or other monies is being taken away by the enclosed order of assignment that was issued on a request for an order of assignment that also is enclosed. The order of assignment has been issued for currently accruing child support or spousal maintenance, or both, based on the requesting party's claim that you are obligated to pay this. In addition, the requesting party may be claiming a right to collect other support, as defined in section 25-500, Arizona Revised Statutes, arrearages on spousal maintenance or interest on a judgment for unpaid spousal maintenance.
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Enter sales tax information to be used as defaults when creating theorder assignments.

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2. A verified request for a hearing to terminate the order of assignment and, after a hearing, the court terminates the order of assignment if all obligations have been satisfied or will be satisfied within ninety days.