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An online math practice system for grades 1-5. Includes all basic topics for those grades, except I did not see any word problems. Accessible on tablet devices. You can practice 20 questions per day for free. One grade level: $9.99/lifetime, all grade levels $29.99/lifetime.

IXL Maths | Online maths practice.

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Online maths practice for Kindergarten through Year 12. IXL has fully localized their maths content to the AU, including alignment to the Australia national curriculum. $9.95 per month, or $79 annually.

Free Online SAT Math Practice (with worked solutions $ videos)

Online maths practice for Reception through Year 13, or KS1 through KS4. IXL has fully localized their maths content to the UK, including alignment to the Key Stages. £7.99 per month, or £59 annually.

iPracticeMath for Online Math Practice

Online adaptive math practice environment with measurable student progress. From grade 1 to algebra. $14.95 per month for one student, 2nd student $5.
Mathematics Tools Practice: The online Mathematics Tools Practice allows students to practice using the online tools (such as the ruler, protractor or compass) available within TestNav, the online testing software used in Virginia. All tools that are available for any grades 3-8 test are provided within the Grades 3-8 Tools Practice. Likewise, all tools that are available for any EOC test are provided within the End-of-Course Tools Practice. This means that the tools included within each application do not necessarily indicate the tools that will be available for a particular test. To reference the tools available for a particular online mathematics test, see
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An online math practice system for grades K-12. In the "Full Curriculum" section students practice hundreds of math topics in 10-question increments. The program also includes "Live Mathletics" where students race with math problems against other students around the world in real-time, games, Rainforest Maths, printable resources, interactives, video tutorials, and a reporting system. Pricing: $14.95 per month for one student, 2nd student $5.

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Free interactive online math practice for elementary math topics from addition to fractions & decimals, plus algebra. More topics added every month.

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For grades 2-8. Includes online math practice with scaffolded help and hints, reward badges, origami-based avatars, and math games. A 14-day free trial. Aligned to the Common Core standards (but only offers simple practice and not on all possible topics in the standards). Price: $20 per student for full school year, $15 for partial year, $10 for summer school.