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Lit Lovers is a small website designed primarily for book clubs. The content includes reading guides, book recommendations, and discussion tips. Though the site is not interactive, it offers free online literature courses and features book clubs by region.

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An online community dedicated to books and book clubs. Unique features include free online literature courses, recipes to go with books and ideas for children's and teens' book groups.

I've been teaching online literature courses for four years now
Many often wonder how we make online literature courses work when the core element in the face to face class is discussion. We read, analyze and discuss. Well, we also have to write, so moving a course like this online is quite simple actually. We use discussion forums and blogs. This was problematic in the past with our LMS, so I moved the course over to a WordPress blog years ago. I’ve since moved the core content back to our new LMS Canvas, but the blog still remains a central part of the online course. I only moved the core content back for a secure gradebook. I was always nervous about having my grades in the cloud of a non-approved web service in past.Dr. Pettipiece received her Ph.D. in English with an emphasis on scientific writing from Arizona State University (ASU). She subsequently joined the faculty at ASU, creating and teaching its first hybrid and online literature courses and co-authoring the handbook Teaching and Learning in the Electronic Classroom.These days, I’m not only working to make the online literature courses offered by the virtual academy I work for as awesome as possible, I’m also working to create unique courses that give students across an entire county the ability to choose their own adventure. Courses that break the mold. Courses that not only offer students the opportunity to fail, but that offer the opportunity for students to find the value in failure.Free Literature Course From Harvard (plus 750 other free online literature courses)
An Introduction to World Literature by a Cast Of Literary & Academic Stars ---
(2013-present); Designed online literature courses for Shmoop University

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On the "Free Writing Classes" page, I focused on many of the great classes authors and poets can study at a couple of the great distance learning programs you'll find online: the Open University and MIT OpenCourseWare program. So I wanted to focus on alternative distance learning programs from some of the greatest, most famous universities in the world on this page. Harvard, Yale, and Oxford all offer free distance learning courses on the Internet, too, so if you want to experience what it might be like to attend Harvard, Yale, or Oxford, take a look at some of their free online literature courses.

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I’ve been teaching online literature courses for four years now. My lit of choice is . I’m still scarred from traditional American and British lit from college, and those courses were already in the capable hands of my colleagues who also teach literature online at GCC. So I went for Banned Books. Makes me feel like a rebel or something, but I like it and the students seem to as well.

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Free Literature Course From Harvard (plus 750 other free online literature courses)
An Introduction to World Literature by a Cast Of Literary & Academic Stars ---