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JP: The recent effort that entails from the genome is really one example of a free online genetics course. It is really most appropriate for college-aged students and life-on-learners for that matter. As you mentioned, the course was co-developed by Udacity and available for free now online. There are parts of that course that would probably be a good primer to healthcare professionals. However, the course in its entirety is a twelve-lesson course and it’s probably not the most appropriate place for a physician to start cover-to-cover perspective, but they may find some very interesting nuggets within that course. One thought is that we may repackage some of those lessons, interviews and problem sets, and create an opportunity that is more focused on healthcare professionals and their baseline learning that they need to have to better engage with their patients. These are opportunities that we are looking at, but Udacity was a great example of our ability to put educational resources out there for free to the general public.

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23andMe and Udacity Team Up for New Online Genetics Course

This accredited online genetics course is offered by the University of California through Coursera. This course is intended for students who are about to take introductory biology at the college level. From this course, you can learn about Cellular respiration, photosynthesis as redox reactions, Genes, alleles, mutations, transporting of proteins and many more topics.

really one example of a free online genetics course

This online genetics course, produced by the National Coalition for Health Profession Education in Genetics (NCHPEG) social and behavioral scientists.

We recommend Cornell University's free online genetics course
This accredited online genetics course is offered by the University of California through Coursera

tiveness of an online genetics course for improving nurse.

NIH Launches First Online Genetics Course for Social and Behavioral Scientists

It is an online genetics course, with course material/lectures:

This is the most comprehensive and worthwhile online genetics course available

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