The MBA Thesis and the MBA Dissertation Are Not The Same Thing!

The MBA Thesis degree is offered to students who possess a Bachelor of Commerce degree or equivalent. In addition to a thesis meeting all Master’s thesis requirements of the Faculty of Graduate studies, the thesis option requires a minimum of eight half course equivalents selected by students in consultation with his or her supervisor.

Application requirements for the MBA thesis-based progarm are:

First Things First: What Exactly Is an MBA Dissertation, and How Does It Differ From an MBA Thesis?

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Research for MBA theses may differ somewhat from research for theses in other areas. The student should procure as much knowledge from books and journals as is useful, but he or she may have to perform a great deal of primary research in order to support the thesis's proposal. For example, the student may have to survey a sampling of the population, input vast amounts of data into spreadsheets, interview CEOs on their experiences, or pitch the idea to a businessperson and gauge his or her response. The MBA candidate should deduce and execute the most effective methods of research for the proposal at hand.

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In MBA theses, innovation meets practicality. Ideally, the student will convincingly propose an idea that can effect positive changes in the business world with minimal drain on resources.

An MBA Thesis is not simply an overgrown book report or a "complex essay"!
MBA thesis writing requires a lot of hard work. You need to be on your toe to submit successful MBA thesis papers. Go through this page; it will provide you with all the basic elements to do so.

Writing MBA thesis is a big hurdle and you have to exceed it to confirm your graduate or Masters Degree. MBA thesis is an extensive research paper that cannot be completed in one night as it requires a lot of work out for months and so on to collect sufficient amount of data. You need to pursue a perfect line of attack to make sure that you include as much data as possible by a significant approach.

The primary step for writing MBA thesis is to choose an MBA thesis topic for MBA thesis proposal. Your MBA thesis topic should be of you interest and general because you have to spend an immense time with MBA thesis papers. Now once the MBA thesis topic is selected, start researching on it. Manage sufficient amount of time to collect data because MBA thesis is not just the mere presentation of statistical figures and text, but it is significant that you research profoundly and collect all the authentic data by meaningful methods and get approval in MBA thesis proposal, you move to the next level.

As you complete your research, you should make an outline of your MBA thesis. This outline is a format to write your . Arrange your MBA thesis in the following format.

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