20:45 - 21:30: Interactive data analysis with Apache Flink

I’ll be giving a on Thursday, 8 October on , the interactive data analysis platform I’ve been developing. Panoptez integrates with and other chat platforms, meaning you have the power of a programming language from within Slack! This makes it easy to create and collaborate on an analysis or visualization, since the results are posted directly into the Slack channel where the command was entered. Commands are written in the pez language, which combines the best of R and Python into an easy to learn and use language. More details will be revealed during the webinar.

20:45 - 21:30: Interactive data analysis with Flink Till Rohrmann

Interactive Data Analysis Tool | LAPOP | Vanderbilt University

Interactive Data Analysis - Computer Science

We ultimately landed on Redshift, a data warehouse service on Amazon Web Service, to power our interactive analysis, and import billions of records everyday to make the core data source available as soon as possible. Redshift was a great solution to answer questions in seconds to enable interactive data analysis and quick prototyping (whereas Hadoop and Hive were used to process tens of terabytes of data per day, but only give answers in minutes to hours).

MicroActive Interactive Data Analysis Software | Micromeritics

Interactive Data Analysis
Review the procedures for how each of the types of plots presented above can be generated using SAS's Interactive Data Analysis tools:

Using Python for Interactive Data Analysis - STScI

Interactive data analysis.


Interactive Data Analysis: A Practical Primer by Donald R McNeil starting at $1.75

Naval Interactive Data Analysis System - CAVS