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Take a look and you’ll agree that ISIS is both the most powerful, user-friendly incident report writing application and management analysis tool available.

ISIS, the Intuitive Security Information System, has been thoroughly field tested in large departments, across multiple market segments, and in multi-building, multi-site, multi-use environments by thousands of officers, supervisors and managers since 1995.

ISIS, with its proven capabilities, has been developed by security professionals to meet the real needs of security professionals.

The power of ISIS is easy to set up, administer, and use.

ISIS offers a simple, non-intimidating and Easy to follow main menu that is organized by Officer, Dispatcher, Investigator, and Management job functions.

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In total 12 questionnaires were returned from specialties including physicians, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, and nursing colleagues. Only four staff members reported observing a critical incident over the previous three months, three of whom submitted an incident report. This information tallies with the audit data which highlighted one incident report for each of the preceding three months. Of the three staff members who reported submitting incident forms, two reported feeling negative afterwards. One staff member felt 'unsure' and a second felt 'worried others would get in trouble'. Only one of the staff members reported feeling positively about submitting an incident report writing when she wrote 'I had done my job'. Two of the twelve questionnaire respondents revealed they were unaware of the online reporting system and half of respondents revealed they had never used it. This suggests that the majority of incident reports are being completed by a minority of staff. Awareness of the reporting system was targeted through the introduction of posters in staff areas (PDSA cycle 3) and also through ensuring all staff were trained in the use of completing incident reports (PDSA Cycle 6).

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