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This section will teach students how to learn to write with flow, and how to use this method of writing to produce speeches and texts for devising. This will mainly be based on Brian Astbury’s text - Everyone Can Write - and the methods outlined therein. The techniques of Stand-up Storytelling will also be introduced to students.

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I have edited a few academic papers now, and I agree that many written by people from non-English speaking backgrounds can end up as bizarre as bad, due to the fact they use grammar/sentence construction from their native language when trying to express an idea in English.
As for how to learn to write better – I find that trying to rely on style guides/writing guides/university handouts will only go so far. You have to somehow absorb the ability – and I believe that the way to do it is read, read, read as much good and clear writing as you can, and try to think through “Why is this good?” It takes more than a skip through a style guide to improve a piece of rubbish writing.
And don’t forget – hire an editor :)

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By the end of the seminar, the teachers had gained an in-depth knowledge in the field of writing analysis and graphomotor skills. A key issue was how to learn to write in practise. How do I encourage and more importantly retain the fun and joy children experience while writing? Children gain playful and exploratory experiences with writing preferably with exercises that tailor their special needs. Stephanie Deix, authorised trainer of the Schreibmotorik Institut, presented practical exercises which the participants could try out for themselves.

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