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Most employers require a high school education. Completion of high school business programs provides a good background for entry-level positions. Courses in mathematics, business software, and accounting are essential, especially to prepare candidates for calculating bills. Some employers prefer to hire graduates of two-year business schools or junior college programs that teach office skills. Others prefer beginners with no specialized education but a good general background. On-the-job training is provided and may last from a few days to several weeks.

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Guest speakers and field trips help bring the classroom material to life through invaluable question and answer sessions which provide you with unique career profiles and new business venture ideas. Field trips may include the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and Villanova University’s Business School Applied Finance Lab allowing you to experience a college-level business school. Additional trips showcase a wide range of successful businesses ranging from Five Below to the Ferrari Dealership to inspire every level of entrepreneur in you. Come find your inner mogul and help advance your future education and career track at this one of a kind high school business program.

The same concepts should apply to high school business programs

The same concepts should apply to high school business programs. I love the concept of AP Accounting and transferring college credits, but please make sure your students are learning the hands-on skills that can help them get a job in the field, while doing so.

Worked with local high school business programs to recruit students for WMC Business World programs
Completion of high school business programs provides a good background for entry-level positions

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In many Kentucky high school business programs a school based enterprise is an integral part of the curriculum

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• - - COLUMBUS, Ohio - Nov. 3, 2015 - -- MBA Research & Curriculum Center and Bellevue University have joined forces to bring college credit to students participating in accelerated high school business administration programs nationwide.

*Worked with local High School Business Programs,where teens could receive credit for working and learn more about Business management.

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The New York State Credit Union Foundation (NYCUF) has been a big supporter of eCommKit use in New York State High School Business programs. Contact your local credit union check to see if they are members of NYCUF and ask them if they’d be interested in sponsoring your classroom use of an eCommKit. If they say yes, let Genium know and we will have an NYCUF representative contact them with all of the sponsorship details. We can send you a brochure describing the NYCUF sponsorship program when you’re ready to contact your local credit union(s.)