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* This paper was originally presented at the Triennial Meeting of the Hellenic and Roman Societies in Oxford in July 2008. I am grateful both for the invitation and for the responses of the audience there, and above all to Jonathan Prag for beyond-generous help with bibliography. I also owe huge thanks to Mary Beard, Edmund Thomas and JRS's readers for their constructive suggestions and to the Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge for kindly sponsoring visits to Syracuse and the House of Augustus in Rome.

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This Iranian language has apparently been written mainly in Iran, although many of the surviving manuscripts derive most recently from India, there are considerable Manich?n remains from Xinjiang-Uigur and scanty manuscript remains from Egypt, and there are inscriptions from many other locations, because this was the official language of the Sasanid Empire. It is commonly known as "Pahlevi" ("Pahlavi", "Pehlevi"). (There appear to be linguistic grounds for reserving this name for Parthian instead, but nobody does.) As I mentioned under Old Persian, stages of Persian are defined largely by their sources for script and loan words; Pahlevi got these from Aramaic. There are numerous more or less detailed accounts of Pahlevi literature, which is probably the most prominent of the Middle Iranian literatures generally, and includes considerable Zoroastrian and Manich?n corpora. As usual, the Manich?n material tends to be treated separately. For the non-Manich?n material, the fundamental account to which most others refer back is West 1904. Other accounts of bibliographic value include Tavadia 1956, Boyce 1968a, de Menasce 1975, de Menasce 1983, Gignoux 1983, Sundermann 1989b: 140-141 (uncharacteristically unhelpful for the volume it is part of) and Tafazzuli 1998 (which may well replace West but which I could not read, except for Roman-script footnotes and bibliography). Kl?a 1968: 25-63 is quicker reading than most of these but as usual no help with bibliography. I examined Middle Persian literature more thoroughly than any other for this draft of this chapter; I emphasise that because nearly all of it turns out to have been, either written slightly later than this chapter's period (in the century following AD 531), or written, or compiled into a final form, much later (following AD 750), and so is here omitted.

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You supply students with reading lists for each topic. You can use the reading lists handed out during the lectures, and make your own lists too. There is no harm in setting a list longer than the students can manage at the time, because at the end of term and in revision they will need this help with bibliography. Make sure the readings are easily available for the students in the Whipple Library or the College Library. If you are assigning a text which is much used, have it put on reserve in the Whipple Library. Try to avoid assigning the same readings to a large number of students simultaneously, because this puts too much pressure on the library. We are trying to get all College libraries to stock HPS texts, so tell your DoS about the readings which are heavily used. Part IB students need lots of help with selecting readings and using them. Go through the list beforehand pointing out especially relevant works. There are arguments for and against specifying particular pages in longer works. Try to help the students learn how to read critically and with a focus.

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The Author thanks the “Fondation Lefort-Beaumont de l’Institut de France” for its financial support, and Dr S. Laget for help with bibliography.

Kl?a 1968: 25-63 is quicker reading than most of these but as usual no help with bibliography

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sticky surface is part of a soft, highly viscous cuticle at the tip of the doorknobs. It is secreted from a glandular epithelium of the epidermis, which is present only in this part of the larval body. The larvae also possess numerous spire-like tubercles which are not sticky and have no glandular epithelium. We thank Malu Obermayer for the histology, Michael Melzer for scanning electron microscopy, and Jeanette Wheeler for help with bibliography. Supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemein- schaft (Leibniz Prize to B. Holldobler). We appreciate the permis- sion received from the Australian Wildlife Protection Authority. MASUKO, K.

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2. Tools for easy bibliographies: Like their peers in traditional programs, online students have to write papers, which means they need to know the proper format for citing the works they reference. is one product available to help with bibliography formatting. Students paste website addresses and book titles into EasyBib, which automatically formats citations. Students can access the Modern Language Association style for free, or pay a fee to use the American Psychological Association and Chicago styles, company spokesman Kerry Kitka says.