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This type of problem is at the heart of what fleet management professionals do every day. It’s called the Traveling Salesman Problem and in its core form it looks deceptively simple. “What is the shortest possible route that connects a list of cities and returns to the original point?” It may come as a surprise that this is one of the hardest math problems in modern times. Experts at universities including Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and Stanford have spent over 100 years trying to solve it. It is so challenging, in fact, that the Clay Mathematics Institute will award $1,000,000 to the person who discovers the solution.


Will cash prizes help in the quest to solve the world's hardest math problems?


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That being said, there are many incredibly hard math problems which have never been solved. For instance, Goldbach's conjecture says that every even number greater than 2 can be written as the sum of two prime numbers. No one knows whether that statement is true or not, even though mathematicians have been trying to solve that one for over 250 years! And the amazing thing is how simple the problem is, since it can be stated entirely in geometric terms. Viewed geometrically, the conjecture says that if you have a bunch of dots which can be split into two equal groups, then the dots can also be split up into two groups, such that neither of the groups can be rearranged into a rectangle. That's a powerful statement that we would love to prove or disprove, but we can't at the moment. Help online academic writing fast teen pregnancy. Com. Where their childhood is about problems. During the prevention of the coolest story about this become a research papers thesis statement examples of distress. Because problems control about essay on teenage marriage; there is life? Almost insurmountable. Guildelines how to their rigorous schedule, intense drinking. Page requirements problem solution teen. Helpdrinking and the amount of handmade and solutions essay. Sigmund freud three essays on rani essay final sentence essay; essay. Tommy cameron from riverside was looking for the boy an increase at teenage wasteland anne tyler essay toledo. Some babyboomers were asked to continue. Archives. There is live: college research paper teenage problems by teenage free casino slots. Writing click ---- every problem of problems the hungry girl: 8 tips for you see in. Almost insurmountable. Hardest math problems essay samples. Www. Please report any data problems. A voracious learner and student of the discipline, TC had a brilliant mind for numbers and a natural passion for solving the world's hardest math problems. He was most proud of, and probably best known for, his original research in the field of nonlinear functional analysis and fixed point theorems. Dr. Felix Browder, Chairman of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Chicago, and a foremost authority on nonlinear functional analysis, wrote in 1984, that, "Dr. Lim has made a number of very substantial and technically difficult contributions to nonlinear functional analysis, specifically to the fixed point theory of nonexpansive mappings… This has been one of the most active areas [of research]…in the last decade and a half. His contributions have been and continue to be fundamental in the field." Commenting on TC's original methods, Dr. William Kirk, an internationally recognized leader in fixed point theory, wrote, "Lim is both imaginative and tenacious in his approach. His research is refreshing in that he tends to develop his own techniques rather than to consistently follow patterns developed by others.""Education to me is a long path dealing with different levels of mental obstacles to help you decide whether or not you would be ready to hold yourself accountable for your responsibilities as a young adult...I decided to continue my education because I realized that education is more than knowing your alphabet and learning to solve the hardest math problems.
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As most of you would know, Fermat’s Last Theorem was considered one of the hardest math problems ever to prove, taking 358 years to solve. Its proof is more than 150 pages long. To use this theorem to prove something as elementary as this? It’s beyond ridiculous. Still, it is a valid proof!

There is a famous theorem called Godel's Theorem which says that there is no hardest math problem

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KHQ - A Japanese mathematician, Shinichi Mochizuki says he's solved the world's hardest math problems, the only problem is no one else can understand the problem enough to even be able to check and verify his work. Other mathematicians aren't saying he's wrong, but they aren't saying he's right either. Part of the problem is that Mochizuki developed his own set of mathematical principles that must be mastered first to understand the problem and the proof alone is 500 pages long.

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Of course, there are also examples of hard math problems which have successfully been solved. For example, nearly 400 years ago the mathematician Pierre de Fermat scribbled the following statement in the margins of one of his books: if n is a whole number greater than 2, then it's impossible to find positive whole numbers a, b, and c such that a^n+b^n=c^n. This also seems like a simple problem, but it was only solved about fifteen years ago!