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After each group has presented their material, we discuss both the group development model and what the experience was like for them. I drive home that all groups storm and that it is a natural part of a group's development and therefore to acknowledge it when it happens. I also share that they have now all been in front of the class, spoke in front of their peers (some even sang or danced!) and they lived through it. So by the end of the semester, their group project should be a piece of cake!

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In closing, at the end of each semester, we spend an entire class revisiting what we learned during our past 15 weeks together. Time and again students reference the group project. They speak to what they learned as a presenter, as a group member, as a peer reviewer and as a learner receiving chapter content from their peers. While there are a lot of steps involved in the process outlined, they have shown to make a positive difference in how students experience group projects. I think one particularly shy student summed it up well...

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"I dread group projects," she explains. "Science projects are the worst. The various parts—hypothesis, purpose, procedures, etc.—depend and build on one another. Therefore, it is difficult to divide the projects by parts among several team members. And since the observations in any science project usually require daily attention and record keeping, the logistics of getting multiple children together day after day are crazy.

Example FormsThese are some sample forms for evaluating group projects:
With a campus in the center of Hollywood, Gnomon has the unique ability to pair students with current working professionals on Group Projects. These projects build the students' production skills while they gain practical experience in a collaborative environment.When your teacher gives you that instruction, you know what's coming next. Sometimes, breaking into small groups lasts as long as the class does. Other times, it signals the start of a "group project" — which means you'll be working with a few classmates for a day, several days, or longer on an assignment.If structured well, group projects can promote important intellectual and social skills and help to prepare students for a work world in which teamwork and collaboration are increasingly the norm. This section provides advice for faculty employing group projects. We examine the following questions:Group projects also give you a chance to get to know kids you might not otherwise know or talk with — maybe the quiet kid in the third row, the boy who lived down the street when you were in kindergarten, or the girl you're sometimes scared to say "hi" to at recess.Few of us act alone in the real world. Most things are done with the help or ideas of other people. Group projects are great practice for high school, college, and real life, when you will probably have a job that requires working with others. Right now, group projects can be fun and they often allow you to do a bigger, more interesting project than you could alone. With group work, you can actually learn more in less time.The following group project task list offers a suggested order for approachinga project. It's certainly possible to do these steps in a different orderif you wish. But taking the time to accomplish each step will help you producebetter work.
There are group projects in research, training, and curriculum development. .

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The activity that launches the group project is a simple one, and yet it is an activity that come the end of the semester, many students still reference. It is based on Bruce Tuckman's Forming – Storming – Norming – Performing model of group development.

Experts suggest students try the following tips to make a group project successful.

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However, group projects present potential pitfalls, says Sillaway, whose decades of teaching experience began in a classroom of 48 third-graders. These range from difficulties in finding a topic to finding time to meet, from getting organized to getting along, from dividing the work to doing it right.

There are group projects in research, training, and curriculum development. .

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Ever wondered why this type of project is so popular in school? Or what you can do to make sure your group project is fair, fun, and successful? You want a good grade, right?