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Encouraged to Apply: Students in this LLC should enjoy being involved in the community and are interested in developing their leadership skills, and participating in group community service projects.

Group Community Service Project Ideas

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FAMILY House is a safe, supportive shelter for up to fourteen young people ages 12–18 who cannot live with their families at the time. The facility is drug and alcohol free and is staffed 24 hours a day. Youth may stay up to sixty days. Residents go to school, participate in groups, and share house chores. FAMILY House regularly performs group community service projects as well. In the summer, there is a varied recreation program, including outdoor, art, computer and other activities. Family House residents sign a contract in which they agree to a number of house rules including a strict curfew.

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The format for this living learning community aims to provide community members with a holistic learning experience that will encompass educational discussions, speakers, informal social meetings, and associated outdoor activities. Students will participate in scheduled discussions on outdoor leadership topics, social events, recreation activities, community meals, and group community service projects during the academic year.
As sponsors of this LLC, faculty and staff will strive to create an open and inclusive learning environment that engages you to be an active member of the LLC community. We will design and deliver student centered, experiential, and collaborative content and activities to inspire active learning about yourself and others.

As part of their training they also participate in group community service projects
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FAMILY House regularly performs group community service projects as well

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There are a variety of organized group community service projects that students can get involved in, both at Gateway and in the San Francisco community. Students cannot receive pay for community service work and they must be in charge of planning their own volunteering, while keeping in mind that they should choose activities that they enjoy and from which they will grow.

Additionally, Ambassadors are required to complete group community service projects each year

Individual and Group Community Service Projects

I am a junior Modern Languages major from Newton, Massachusetts. Before I went abroad to Rome last semester, I thought that I would be nice to have a place to live where I knew I wouldn't feel left out. A good friend of mine introduced me to the Praxis people and I immediately knew that it was something my friends and I would love doing. In addition to the group community service projects that Praxis offers, I work with the different service programs that Hillel offers, including the Hillel Knitting group in which we knit clothes to sell for charity, and their various service days and projects, like their upcoming Bone Marrow Drive. Praxis is a great way to have fun and feel like you are among people who all want to make a difference. I strongly reccommend that you give it a shot.

All students participate in several group community service projects with the Jewish community

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