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But don’t despair. You have the skill to write a great college essay. There are only three things it has to do to be successful:

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Here are 5 places to find great college essay topics your own life experience:

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Application essays exist because colleges want to know about the students they are admitting. Think about the admissions process from the point of view of a college: what would you know about a student like yourself? You'd know his or her grades and test scores, and which classes he or she took. You'd know about family finances, thanks to and any other financial aid information that might have been submitted. But what about the person? Very little.Essays are, in part, a chance for you to introduce yourself to the admissions staff at a school. The fundamentals of essay writing still apply—you have to use correct grammar, and follow a logical course in your arguments, and correct any spelling errors, just like you would in an important essay for a class—but that's not the main point. Whatever the specific question is in your essay prompt, there are other questions beneath the surface. "Who are you? What makes you interesting? Why should we expect you to succeed here at our school, and afterwards, when you go out into the world?"These are not easy questions to answer. Lots of people have trouble explaining who they are in a direct way, especially to strangers, or to an invisible audience like a college admissions board. It's hard to see yourself clearly from the perspective of others, and so it can be hard to decide what is most interesting and worth explaining about yourself. Many people are also afraid of being judged, or seeming as though they are bragging, or striking the wrong tone in some other way.Find some inspiration in somebody else's great college essay! . Some of our favorites:

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When you are asked to write an essay in college, it can be an intimidating task for most students. There is a specific level of expectation for essays written for college courses. It is important to make sure that when it comes to writing a great college essay that you grab a great example to use as a guide. There is so much that an example could help you do write a better paper.
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No, a college essay alone won’t get you into your top choice college. But a great college essay can help you stand out in an increasingly competitive college admissions landscape. And like I said, all it takes is 30 minutes—

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It happens all the time. Your professor or teacher assigns you an essay to write. You're sitting in class, thinking of topics, and it doesn't seem like it'll be that hard. Then you sit down to start writing and your mind goes blank. So let's go over some suggestions for writing a great college essay, and help you get your thoughts flowing again!

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