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In response to our on the new intellectual currents in breakfast-cereal advertising, David Haan has reminded me of Jeff Reid's graphical essay from In These Times, 3/29/1989, which was reprinted in Harper's Magazine in August of 1989, and also in the essay collection . We now reprint again, for your (post-)prandicular pleasure, "Breakfast theory: A morning methodology":

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A graphic essay onthe often overlooked subject of whether typography should be considered art.

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Skin color bias affects perceptions and interactions, and yet, how often do educators discuss this phenomenon with their students? This toolkit for offers suggestions on how educators can broach the topic by using a graphic essay published in

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“” is a graphicessay about race, representation and colorism in a comic. Cartoonist Ronald Wimberly created “Lighten Up” forthe online magazine .

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For this project, you will create a graphic essay that provides a visual analysis – using symbols, images, colors and text – of one theme from your novel.In this particular graphic essay, you will demonstrate your understanding of a major theme within the novel, backing up your knowledge with examples from the text.A graphic essay is defined as a visual project that combines color, symbol and words to make a unified statement. The aim of this project is to help you synthesize and organize many details from the text, connecting them and making sense of them.Despite rising death tolls, no one seems to care about Ukraine anymore. In her graphic essay, Anya Ulinich remembers her childhood trips to Donetsk and reflects on the war’s impact on her family.On the back of your graphic essay, include a generalization about life or about people
that Shakespeare develops through the action and quotations that you have used
to explore your thesis or defend your position. My graphic essay for my Composition Theory class
When I got to Junyoung everyone had this look on their faces like “who the hell is that”
One girl in my class knew though and that made me so happy! WOOT!
In het laatste nummer van de papieren Tzum stond een graphic essay van Pam Emmerik. In zwart-wit helaas. De komende zes dagen zetten we dit graphic essay op de site: in kleur natuurlijk. Wil je een grotere afbeelding van een plaatje klik dan op de foto en op de volgende pagina nog een keer.
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2. Select and integrate into a collage on an of paper , and . The collage should be entirely created by you--do not cut and paste images from magazines or from online. Do not use the computer to create your graphic essay.

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So this week has been pretty hard for me because today it’s been exactly 4 years since my mom died. We were really close and I think about her all the time. I don’t usually talk about personal things (except lamenting my lack of mozzarella sticks) on this blog, but I thought that I would share this graphic essay I made about her for a creative nonfiction class in college. Beware, it’s kind of weepy.

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Maira Kalman is a writer and artist and thinker. She has created something I can only call the “graphic essay,” and which can only be understood by looking at / reading one.