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Characteristics of a good thesis sentence. It is specificand highly focused, not a vague generalization. It is unified, notjust a list of unrelated items. It is interesting, sometimes evenchallenging or surprizing; don't be afraid to have a risky thesis, onethat many people might be inclined to disagree with. It is not obviouslyor trivially true - it to be supported or argued for. It is merely a statement of fact. And from the thesissentence alone a reader gets a pretty good idea of what ideas or topicsthe rest of the paper must deal with. Example:

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A good thesis statement will usually include the following four attributes:


I need a topic for an argumentative essay, I have tried so hard to come up with one but it is just too hard. I also need to write a good thesis statement that does not have listing in it, because our instructor does not like listing, can I get help ?
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A2 - Writing a Good THESIS STATEMENT

You’re really going to need to narrow your topic down in order to write a good thesis statement here. What aspect of nutrition are you trying to tackle? For example, you might talk about promoting nutrition in school lunch menus, or you might talk about efforts to educate the American population about common sense nutrition… without a clear, focused topic, a thesis statement will be hard to write.

How do I develop a good thesis? Here is an example of how you might arrive at a strong thesis.
A good thesis derives from a good question. Since the thesis is your conclusion to a scholarly argument, there must be a clear question at stake. A thesis which does not answer a question, or answers a simple or obvious question, is not a thesis. You need to ask thoughtful questions of your topic and primary source material to develop a good thesis. The best theses are good precisely because the questions they answer are significant, complex, and original.Let’s say you’re writing an essay about your summer vacation. Suppose your prewriting generated the following main topics: fun, family, good weather. Writing a good thesis will be easy.Writing a good thesis statement isn’t as hard as students make it. In fact, if you’ve done good for an essay, the thesis will practically write itself. So be sure to have at least a page of ideas jotted down before you attempt this step. Let’s start with what a thesis statement is.A good thesis statement doesn’t necessarily have to list all the main points, though. You can also sum up your essay’s main idea with a more general statement.You do not need a refined thesis in order to start writing. If you begin with a provisional thesis and then do good and careful close readings, you will often find a version of your final thesis in the last paragraph of a first draft. Integrate that version into your first paragraph and revise from there. Do not worry too much about your thesis, therefore, until after you've written out your close readings! A good final thesis should emerge from, not precede, your analyses. (””)You should start thinking about possible theses from the very start of your paper preparation, but you need to examine your primary sources before you can develop a strong thesis. It is impossible to develop a good thesis without already having begun to analyze the primary sources which supply your evidence. How can you know what is even possible to argue if you haven't looked closely at your data?
A template to writing a good thesis statement.

1. A good thesis is restricted, almost bite-sized.

What does a good thesis question look like? There are many sources for questions which lead to good thesis, but all seem to pose a novel approach to their subject. A good thesis question may result from your curious observations of primary source material, as in "During World War II, why did American soldiers seem to treat Japanese prisoners-of-war more brutally than German prisoners-of-war?" Or, good thesis questions may challenge accepted wisdom, as in "Many people assume that Jackson's Indian policy had nothing to do with his domestic politics; are they right?" Finally, a good thesis question may complicate a seemingly clear-cut topic, as in "Puritans expropriated Indians' land for wealth, but were psychological factors involved as well?"

How to write a good thesis? An example would be nice?

So what makes a good thesis sentence?

Mrs. Tepper I just wanted to ask you if this was a good thesis. Because I plan to have 4 body paragraphs in the essay the last one kinda tackling the objective views on Canada’s universal health care scheme. Okay here it goes..

So what makes a good thesis sentence?

1. A good argumentative thesis is focused and not too broad.

Second, in order to accomplish that purpose, a good thesis statement above all identifies the topic of the academic paper. The student who has written a thesis statement that does not mention the subject of the paper should certainly revise the statement. Additionally, good thesis statements mention the subject by name rather than by a pronoun.