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In addition to the critique and evaluation of written submissions, the service includes an unlimited question and answer service regarding any aspect of California Bar Exam preparation and review, including substantive, conceptual inquiries. You can submit an inquiry at any time, day or night, via your personal feedback page. In addition, you will be notified via email as soon as a response is provided.

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The objective of this paper is to bring about a reevaluation of writing assessment practices in engineering classes. The authors begin by drawing rhetoric (the knowledge base of effective technical communication) and engineering together, explaining how engineering work is rhetorical. From this theoretical vantage point, the authors argue for a change in engineering writing assessment practices. Specifically, they argue for an approach that favors formative assessment (focused on writing comments that lead to both better writing and better engineering) over summative assessment (which sees writing ability as separate from engineering design). The authors continue by revealing a scoring guide for the formative assessment of engineering reports, and detailing the process by which such a scoring guide may be created. Each criterion in the scoring guide is explained in terms of the rhetorical and engineering principles that it simultaneously addresses

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In this collection, we have two primary emphases. First, we emphasize the assessment and evaluation of digital writing—the pedagogical, methodological, technological, and ethical approaches for and issues involved with assessing and evaluating multimodal, networked texts and the student learning they represent. Of course, nearly all writing today—even word‐ processed, alphabetic text—is digital, because it exists as pixels and bits on a computer at some point in the composing process. Our focus with digital writing is on multimodal and/or networked texts for which essayistic (Hesse, 1999) assessment and evaluation of writing cannot necessarily port over seamlessly. Second, we emphasize the use of digital technologies to change how writing (both digital and traditional) and writing instruction in large-scale programs is delivered and assessed. As we discuss below, we do not focus on the computer-scoring/machine-scoring of writing, but rather on digital distribution and collections systems like MinerWriter and My Reviewers.

Toward Evaluation of Writing Style: Finding Overly Repetitive Word Use in Student Essays
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One common use of scoring rubrics is to guide the evaluation of writing samples

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