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But I think that the core sense of globalization is economic. In recent years more and more economic activity in the world seems to be taking place between people who live in different countries (rather than in the same country). It takes different forms, like international trade, growth of import and export, foreign investments, foreign loans and bonds, and many others. Economic globalization has different consequences on businesses all over the world and influences almost every other sphere of human life. Globalization has potential benefits on the one hand, and costs or risks on the other. Globalization increases economic development and reduces poverty. More essays on globalisation. Globalization makes us vulnerable to changes all over the world. For example the huge market or foreign goods in the United States creates jobs overseas and keeps foreign workers employed. Similarly, the health of the U.S. economy depends on how well American products sell in foreign countries.

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The Future in the Balance: Essays on globalisation and resistance (2001)


I have just started marking student essays on globalisation and development, and one of the essays included this quote. It is a thought provoking question and one I hope will be well explored in the essays in and our upcoming block course.

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Write an essay on globalisation. In the essay you discuss the impact of globalisation on consumers, Western companies and workers in the Third World. Write the essay in English.

Essays on Globalisation and Politics], (Amsterdam, Bert Bakker, 2005); Het pantser afleggen
markets (2000) and The Future in the Balance: Essays on Globalisation and Resistance (2001); The

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a book, entitled Seven Essays on Globalisation and Law, that I am currently finishing

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His latest books are A-Z of Postmodern Life: Essays on Globalisation in the

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