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Laureen Tedesco specializes in Children's Literature and collects out-of-print children's books. She has published three essays on gender roles in early Girl Scout handbooks and is now developing several articles on an underappreciated evangelical author of the nineteenth century, Isabella MacDonald Alden, who published under the pseudonym “Pansy.” In a similar vein, she has written on another nearly forgotten nineteenth century writer for children, Jane Andrews. She teaches ENGL 3300: Women in Literature as a class in the literature of girlhood. She pioneered a class on "Race and Ethnicity in Children's Literature" in 2006 as a special topics course at the undergraduate level and has taught it as an on-line version of ENGL 6515: Advanced Studies in Children’s Literature. She is a member of the Children's Literature Association and chairs its Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award Committee, which nominates children's authors and illustrations for an international prize.

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