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Quote: "Bruce Kochis' commitment to ethical and intellectual openness is indisputable. I have observed this when I've served on panels with him, when I've read his essays on current issues, and when I've been involved with him directly in curriculum planning and actual teaching. He is an inquiring scholar in the best sense." --- UWB Arts and Sciences Professor Robert Schultz

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Taylor, S. E., Aspinwall, L. G., & Giuliano, T. A. (1993). Emotions as psychological achievements. In S. H. M. Van Goozen, S. H. M. Van de Poll, & J. A. Sergeant (Eds.), Emotions: Essays on current issues in the field of emotion theory. In Taylor, S. E., & Gollwitzer, P. M. (1995). Effects of Mindset on Positive Illusions. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 69 (2), 213-226.

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As noted on the website, the journal “welcomes research reports, position papers, essays on current issues, reflective reports on innovative teacher education practices, letters to the editor and book reviews.” Consider contributing to the literature on teacher preparation from your vantage point as a two-year program.

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At a glance, writing current event essays is not that difficult. Any sphere of our life has some current issues, news, new findings, etc. So, all you have to do is think of any field that interests you, research all the latest events, and decide on the central idea of your essay on current issues.

But, what are you going to do next? You have to come up with a topic idea. Probably, your essay on current issues will be devoted to the following:One of the things your teacher really likes is giving you tricky assignments that take a lot of time and efforts to be prepared. A current events essay is one of them, and it seems like you are suck a little.

Most probably, you have two main questions about essays on current issues: Yet, how exactly do you want to organize your current event essay? Will you simply discuss these recent issues and analyze them a little?

Sure, it is one of the ways to get essays on current issues done, but we are not sure that your paper will be outstanding. What we mean is that besides a good topic idea you should also think about creative approaches to completing your essay. Let us give you a prompt.

Why not arrange your essay on current issues as some sort of a journalist investigation or a live program?

For instance, you have definitely heard about the recent tragedy in Russia, particularly a crash of the plane with the Polish President, his wife, and other Polish politicians aboard. Do you not want to cover this event like a real journalist in your current event essay?

Collect as much materials as you can. We are sure you will not lack them, because all tabloids, Web resources are widely discussing this tragedy. Find pictures, eyewitness stories, experts’ opinions on the causes of the crash, on the possible effects of the President’s death, etc. Present the results of your investigation in the essay on current issues.

Do you want to talk about migration or healthcare in your current event essay? Then check tips for writing and .HMPI is designed to fill this void. The publication will contain short, scholarly essays on current issues in health sector management and public policy, together with short research pieces. Both the essays and research pieces will be written for an audience of well-informed and interested non-specialists. To ensure both accessibility and high quality, the essays will be curated by the editorial board and the short research pieces will additionally pass through a peer-review process.
Olukuru, John Loitubulu (2013) Essays on current issues affecting banks and pensions.

It also published essays on current issues, poems and plays.

Let us answer your questions and provide more details about current events essays.

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Your mission is not that complicated, in fact, and you will not lack topics for discussion in your essay on current issues. Just browse news channels for an hour, surf the Web and you will hit upon hundreds of issues to consider.

The only problem you will face is the choice of something specific. Answers to the following questions will help you make the right decision:

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Have your teacher asked to choose some current event and write an essay about it? Does this assignment make you confused a little? Then, we are glad to explain you its gist and share good ideas on how to prepare excellent current events essays.

First, let us explain you what current issues actually mean. In a few words, these are some up-to-date issues related to various fields of our life, which may refer to some innovations in this or that field, controversies, news, etc. Basically, you should not face too much trouble with your essay on current issues, because:

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The Journal of Economic Perspectives, published four times per year, contains a collection of essays on a current issue or theme in economics, from "Financial Plumbing" that deals with the recent financial crisis to "Tests and Gender" with essays that explore explanations for gender differences in average test scores.