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Ministers have now been urged to step in to help institutions defend standards against increasingly sophisticated methods, particularly agencies that produce customised essays for students – often for fees of hundreds of pounds.

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Education is a very interesting process. Since the ancient times, people engaged in education were respected by the society. Education is one of the ways of bettering yourself. In various times various education methods were applied. Until now, there is not universal answer to the question “What is the best education method?” Education is a very individual and personal thing.
What is the most logical essay topic for students? Right! This is education, as this is something they have are constantly in. Education methods and techniques are all around students. So, it is very natural for a college or a high school student to write an education essay.

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Essay for Students on “Co-Education” in Hindi

WASHINGTON, D.C.The Atlantic and the College Board are to recognize the best high school essayists, with the writer of the grand prize–winning essay receiving a cash prize and publication in the magazine. For their essays, students this year will focus on important documents from American history. The annual contest seeks to identify promising young writers in the United States and around the world and to instill the analytical-writing skills critical to success in college and professional life. Sponsoring teachers can submit essays for students from January 1 to February 28, 2015.

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