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What is surprising to me is that this book has been a "source" for many articles and monographs about Manse Jolly. I have seen supposedly historical accounts that reference in the footnotes as the source of information! Mance Holley? - I wonder what part of the word 'fiction' these writers don't understand? This would be akin to my writing a historical article or essay on the Civil War and quoting the fiction novel (by Michael Shaara) as my factual source. Now falls into the 'historical fiction' category of literature. Good historical fiction like the Civil War novels by Michael and Jeff Shaara are based on actual persons and events with dialogue and incidents 'invented' by the authors. Unfortunately falls out of that category and in my opinion should be classified as 'historical speculation'. It certainly should not appear in footnotes as a source unless specifically identified as fiction.

I will admit that the book is interesting and the author makes a lot of witty and entertaining dialogue. Read the book but keep in mind that it is a work of pure fiction. A better fictional account by an author who has spent many years researching the life and times of Manse Jolly is by Wilton Earle.

Those who are interested in the the facts about Manse Jolly should consult (Vol. 2, 1982) by Elmer Don Herd, former history professor at Lander College, SC. The chapter on Manse Jolly "Unreconstructed Rebel" is about 50 pages of well researched material. I consider it to be the most historically accurate account available.

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A very comprehensive site with information about the war. Sections: Civil War Battles, Civil War Biographies, Civil War Medicine, Civil War Potpourri, Confederate States of America, Essays on the Civil War, Fox’s Regimental Losses, Letters About the War, Naval War, Other Civil War Sites, Overview of the Civil War, Shotgun’s Opinions, The Armies, and Western Theater Discussion Group. Outstanding. Excellent

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Knowledge is the facts - the dates in history, the data in science and the notes in music. Understanding organizes the facts into logical order - the reasons behind history, the theory of music. Wisdom applies our knowledge and understanding in practical ways - an essay on the Civil War, a science fair project and playing the Moonlight Sonata.

Proverbs 2:6. For the Lord gives wisdom: out of His mouth cometh knowledge and understanding."

Proverbs 24:3-4. Through wisdom a house is built; and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge the rooms are filled..."

If parents taught their children these three skills they would have the fundamental tools for life. They are the first three liberal arts.

The Latin word "trivium" means "three roads." Ancient and mediaeval education was structured around the trivium -- the three roads of learning, which consisted of these three subjects: grammar, or skill in comprehending the facts; logic, or skill in reasoning out relationships between these facts; and rhetoric, or skill in wise, effective expression and application of the facts and their relationships.

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Book titles are not to be ignored. At most, only 75 percent of this book is on the subject. In a sense, none of the book deals with the essential subject. Despite its title, there is not a single essay on the Civil War, only articles on its coming and aftermath. The book so many hoped Foner would write, the book on ideology in the Civil War itself, remains unwritten.

Wisdom applies our knowledge and understanding in practical ways - an essay on the Civil War, a science fair project and playing the Moonlight Sonata.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Louis S. Gerteis, professor of history at the University of Missouri at St. Louis, wrote the following essay on the Civil War in Missouri for a symposium on St. Louis that was held in April at the university. He also is author of two related books, "Civil War St. Louis," and "The Civil War In Missouri."

the essay on the Civil War in France, which form the bulk of this volume, were originally issued in 1870 and

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