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But to the "play-labor nexus". I urge you all to read Brian Holmes' very elegant essay on play, link previously posted here - . And I want to take seriously Brian's, Ulises', Trebor's and others ludo-scepticism: That the absorption-in-possibility which defines the play experience is, through interaction design, a mechanism of identification with the social order - and one which could be, at worst, a willful mystification of our relationship with real-world exploitation ("Web 2.0 as ideology itself", as Brian says). In his new essay, Brian tries to establish some kind of opposition between play-as-identification, and play-as-disidentification. It's worth quoting at length, just for the prose:

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Performance practices that take place on the borderline between the animal body and the human body provoke this kind of questioning. As Brian Massumi recently emphasized on the basis of his reading of Gregory Bateson's classical essay on play, "ludic gestures" should be understood as sites of "transindividual transformation". What does this mean on the level of bodily practice? How might it affect our theoretical and ethical understanding of what performance can do? As evidence I will use a bodily technique that radically alters human experience. The exercise originated in a Helsinki-based live art group called Toisissa tiloissa ("Other Spaces"), with which I have worked since 2004, originated the exercise. The aim of the group is to develop collective bodily techniques, or "exercises", through which people can come into contact with non-human experiences and phenomena. The techniques may draw on existing traditions of performing but are not based exclusively on any of them. The common interest of the group members is in studying the limits and the potential of the human body, as well as in seeking new ways of encountering the public in alternative settings. The exercise itself is considered a model for performance.

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Writing an essay on a play can be the most interesting thing, especially if you are studying literature out of genuine interest in the subject. But most of the famous plays are quite complex and for the same reason, it may not be very easy to prepare an essay on a play. There are certain things you can take into consideration, in order to make your play essay, an interesting one.


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Bateson’s essay on play and fantasy is the best thing I (BM) have read on play. Territoriality and play work together: play sets in place a frame with functions, takes advantage of that frame and suspends it; e.g. animal that changes stylistically to comment on its own activity, “I’m biting you (denoting biting) but this is not a bite.” = the motor of evolution, which in the human animal will become language. So language should be talked about in terms of instinct and animality.

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