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-- A life long member of the French Communist Party, Althusser initiated the "structuralist" revolution in Marxism and critiqued the Hegelian Marxism of Lukacs and others. Famous in media studies for his seminal essay on ideology and the ideological state apparatus.

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The explosion of new technology in the information age may have substantial impact on the study of argumentation and the practice of academic debate. On-line databases offer both academic scholars and debaters immediate access to public discourse on a wide variety of issues. As our ability to access greater volumes of information in ever quicker ways continues to evolve, it is important that the effects of technology on argumentation practice be monitored so that we are able to control the process of innovation rather than allowing it to control us. Robert Tucker's essay on ideology and databases is significant because it invites contemplation of the choices we make in the application of new technologies to argumentation practice. Tucker's basic premise - that the diffusion of innovations can impact on the formation of ideology - is an important point to reflect upon as we confront and choose among new technologies. This essay argues, however, that Tucker's specific concern about the impact of database research on academic debate is largely misplaced.

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Subsequent chapters in ,though often difficult ironically because of Stephens'swide-ranging use of complex theoretical terminology, nonethelessconvincingly argue that, "[a] narrative without an ideology isunthinkable" (8). For example, in chapter one, "Ideology, Discourseand Narrative Fiction," Stephens incorporates the theoretical workof Aidan Chambers, Peter Hollindale (the summary of Hollindale'sessay on ideology is good), Wolfgang Iser, and Wayne Booth todiscuss the relationship between narrative and ideology in StevenKellog's (1973), a reasonablywell-known picturebook in which a group of mice, tired ofoppression at home and restless for the freedom of travel abroad,come across...

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This slim volume was first published more than twenty years ago under the name Essays on Ideology.

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