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Moreland is arguing in this section that the early church was extremely successful because it was true. I think there's a more rational explanation, and that is given in my essay on Christian origins and my essay on Christianity - simply that it was successful because it was a well-evolved meme complex - similar to countless other examples of successful memes, both religious and secular. I doubt that Moreland would argue that Islam must be true because historically it has converted as many or more people than Christianity. It certainly rose to prominence much more quickly.

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If you are a Christian and happen to have a copy of The Case For Christ, I would suggest you get it out and follow along. You'll find that the book is very interesting for what it does say. If you are not a Christian, or don't happen to have a copy of The Case for Christ, I would suggest that you read two of my other essays first, the essay on , and the essay on what the . It would also be helpful to read my essay on Christianity as a . It will help you understand why this book is organized the way it is. Print all of them out, and then come back to this essay. I will make frequent references to both essays in this analysis. You'll get a good flavor for how Christian apologetics, written by some of the field's best authors, can be deliberately and very cleverly misleading.

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The manner in which the book is constructed is clearly intended to first convince, then reinforce that conviction and finally by taking on the more popular objections, squelch any doubt. If this process sounds familiar, it may be because you have read of this before in my essay on Christianity as a meme complex. This persuasion method is typical, not just of propagandistic literature, but also of religious meme complexes in general and Christianity in particular.

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I have downloaded your interesting essay on Christianity and Mithraism, and may touch on its astral aspects if I decide to add a comment on an earlier article about “Acharya S”. Jesus was probably a real person; Mithra probably was not.

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: The Essay on Christianity was first given by Lady Shelley, in the Shelley Memorials (1859), where it is accompanied by the following note:—"The reader will observe some unfinished sentences in the course of this Essay; but it has been thought advisable to print it exactly as it was found, with the exception of a few conjectural words inserted between brackets." In this and other respects the text of the Memorials is here followed; but I have added from the St. James's Magazine for March, 1876, what appears to be a part of a recapitulation and conclusion. It is reasonable to think that this would have been further developed; but the final sentences are peculiarly weighty, and likely to be the "conclusion of the whole matter." Mr. Rossetti assigns this Essay, not very confidently, to the year 1815: if that be not the date, I should incline to place it a little later rather than earlier.—H.B.F.

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Christianity is the world’s largest religion. At the present moment, the number of Christian adherents reaches 2.1 billion people. Basically, these people believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and his teachings.

These are just a couple of basic facts about Christianity. You can conduct research and find some other interesting information to include into your essay on Christianity.

However, general and well-known facts will not make papers on Christianity stand out. You need to come up with some specific ideas and develop one of them into a captivating and logical piece of writing.

We offer you two ways of writing essays on Christianity.

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You can choose a standard topic and prepare an informative essay on Christianity to get your A+. For instance, you can write an essay on the development of Christian religion. Make an overview and tell how Christianity developed from a Jewish sect into one of the major world religions.

Or, you may create a compare and contrast essay on Christianity, comparing it with Judaism.

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If you really want to amaze a teacher and write an outstanding essay on Christianity, you will have to invest more time and efforts into completing your paper. One of the effective ways to write a thrilling paper is to discuss a controversial and a bit shocking issue.

It can be something like the stereotypes about Christians or “flaws” of Christianity. In fact, talking about the flaws will be a bit challenging but really exciting. Many people see such bad sides of Christianity as inquisition, crusades, and even violation of some human rights by the Bible. Investigate these issues and present your own point of view.

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