"Would you ever consider murdering a loved one?" became Ruth's attention-getting lead for her essay on assisted suicide. From there she went on to cite several emotionally driven cases in which assisted suicide had been used to end suffering. Her writing strategy was developed in response to having two peer editors review her first draft and make specific suggestions for improvement. Her first reviewer, Ollie, remarked, "You need a better hook"; her second reviewer, Katie, suggested she cite others' experiences. Both reviewers helped Ruth see that what she wrote did not convey what she wanted her reader to understand. Ruth's original opening line on her first draft had read, "There is one state where assisted suicide is legal," and she then went on to explain why it was legal there. Because Ruth had two reviewers' comments with which to work, her final essay was much more appealing than her first draft.


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Physician assisted suicide is a rapidly growing concern that is troubling the lawmakers of our country. Physician assisted suicide is currently illegal in the United States of America in every state except Oregon where it has been legalized under certain circumstances. There have been many challenges concerning the constitutionality of the ban on physician assisted suicide. Physician assisted suicide should remain illegal because it murders innocent people and it violates the Hippocratic Oath.

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