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When you are thinking about the revision process, be clear about the differences between revising and proofreading. Revising a dissertation means much more than editing for grammar, clarifying word choices, or cutting and pasting. The goal when revising your dissertation should be to make your ideas as developed and as clear as possible. Revising allows you to think in a concentrated and holistic way about your topic, to trace out larger connections and realize further implications of your ideas, and to organize your material in the most logical fashion. Things like word-level editing, transitions between paragraphs, and grammar issues are all part of the proofreading process that you may want to save until the very final stages of your project.

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Having to re-submit a dissertation means that a student's graduation will be delayed

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A doctoral dissertation means a lot of hard work

The key to a good relationship with your advisor, your department, and the University of Minnesota is to understand what they expect of you and what you can expect of them. Norms for behaviors, attitudes, and roles exist and your goal is to work with your advisor to agree on what they are (or at least understand the constraints under which you will be working). You will also need to explore what a dissertation means to your advisor, your department, your discipline, and to the University of Minnesota. Without a clear-cut sense of the mutual expectations and responsibilities, you may find your dissertation process derailed before it has even begun.

Dissertation means big work and needs you to make efforts in order to reach the goal.
Recall what a custom written thesis or dissertation means. It is usual for institutions to refer to the word thesis as some kind of an involved research work, usually done by an undergraduate student or a graduate pursuing a masteral degree. Certainly, a masteral thesis is relatively more comprehensive in scope and normally defended in front of an examining panel or a committee. A custom dissertation is a research paper or a thesis usually done by a candidate to a doctoral degree. However, it has become customary for many institutions to refer to a dissertation as a doctoral thesis. At any rate, a baccalaureate, masteral, or especially the doctoral thesis is a serious piece of original research work that requires considerable time to complete under the guidance of , usually a professor or expert in the field that the student is working on. Therefore, mastery of the thesis or its subject content is one that cannot be expected of a student simply in a matter of weeks; in fact, mastery is developed from the time of thesis conception to reproduction! This is just to say that understanding the subject matter during the relatively short time allotted to the preparation for a defense is too late a preparation - and, certainly, this is not leading to any mastery of subject matter. Currently, this is not what is meant also by preparations.In the majority of Western European countries like Australia and New Zealand, a dissertation means Master’s level study. It might even be used to define an extended piece of written work at bachelor's (undergraduate) level.
Submitting an unpolished, unedited dissertation means tripping on the very final hurdle

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In the eight years since the publication of Ball’s article, opportunities for digital scholarship have increased; however, significant roadblocks to this work still exist including lack of peer-reviewed publication venues and tenure and promotion guidelines that privilege print publications and scholarship over the digital. For doctoral candidates, the roadblocks are significant. The humanities’ slow acceptance of digital publishing and scholarship is a symptom of the dominance of print culture in academia; in addition, graduate programs often want doctoral candidates to prove themselves in traditional print forms before sanctioning digital work. This is evident in the fact that the dissertation is one of the most rigid print forms in the humanities—a format that the author later revises into a monograph for his or her first formal publication. Thus, choosing to compose a digital dissertation means going against a long established tradition that yields the best chances for a successful academic career. The dissertation deposit options also reflect the print-centric philosophy of the humanities.

A custom dissertation means the content will be original and written from scratch

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Writing a dissertation means that you have put countless hours of work, emotion, and love into a lengthy paper which you now have to hand over to readers who you know will critique and judge all of your hard work. This can be nerve wracking to say the least.

All but the dissertation means you have taken all the courses you need to take to earn a Ph.D

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Our objective is to assist a student in getting the grades they should, for the time and effort they have put into their dissertations. Our academic experience means that we fully understand what a good dissertation means for the student – not just terms of attaining a degree, but the long-term impact on future employment opportunities.