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For thesis credits, Directed Readings, and courses that do not count toward the degree, such as Independent Readings and Colloquium for Graduate Assistants, students may potentially receive an S (satisfactory), U (unsatisfactory), or IP (in progress), but not an I. All other courses receive a letter grade or an I for incomplete. However, an S or U is virtually always given for courses that do not count toward the degree, since it is not intended for the student to register for it again (see below). IP is the normal grade for thesis credits before the semester of completion. After the student defends the thesis successfully and receives an S for the final semester, the university automatically changes the all dissertation grades of IP to S.

Why was the thesis/dissertation grading system changed in Fall 2008?

What is the basic change in thesis/dissertation grading that took effect Fall 2008?

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The last column of shows the correlations between the first year statistics exam results and all following statistics exam results (including the dissertation grade). Since these data relate to the same students as those who participated in the second administration of the ATS, the relative predictive values of affective (ATS) and cognitive (first year statistics results) characteristics in predicting later exam results can be compared for that administration.

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Table 6 presents the correlations of the ATS subscale scores with all general exam results. An inspection of this table reveals that the important role of attitudes toward statistics is specific for statistics performance (including the dissertation grade). There is no statistically significant correlation between the ATS scores and the short- and long-term general exam results. In our sample, the total grade in the first year is more highly correlated with the following general exam results than the attitude scales.

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This study uses the Attitudes Toward Statistics (ATS) scale () to investigate the attitudes toward statistics and the relationship of those attitudes with short- and long-term statistics exam results for university students taking statistics courses in a five year Educational Sciences curriculum. Compared to the findings from previous studies, the results indicate that the sample of undergraduate students have relatively negative attitudes toward the use of statistics in their field of study but relatively positive attitudes toward the course of statistics in which they are enrolled. Similar to other studies, we find a relationship between the attitudes toward the course and the results on the first year statistics exam. Additionally, we investigate the relationship between the attitudes and the long-term exam results. A positive relationship is found between students’ attitudes toward the use of statistics in their field of study and the dissertation grade. This relationship does not differ systematically from the one between the first year statistics exam results and the dissertation grade in the fifth year. Thus, the affective and cognitive measures at the beginning of the curriculum are equally predictive for long-term exam results. Finally, this study reveals that the relationship between attitudes toward statistics and exam results is content-specific: We do not find a relationship between attitudes and general exam results, only between attitudes and results on statistics exams.In the fifth year, the attitudes scores do not correlate significantly with the dissertation grade, but when we take a closer look at the results, we see that the subscale scores for the second administration show a substantive correlation with the dissertation grades in the fifth year ( = 0.23, = 0.04).
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Many campus constituencies were involved in the decision to change the thesis/dissertation grading system. The Graduate & Professional Student Government Association was the body that proposed the new system and the various Graduate Faculty Groups and Graduate Council all voiced approval. This grading system also received full administrative approval from Instruction Council and the Council of Deans.

It would also be interesting to know if your dissertation grade was lower, higher, or more-or-less the same as your other marks.

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The Court of Examiners meet in November/December to review coursework grades, dissertation grades and overall grades. After the Court of Examiners has met, students are issued by the Sociology Department with an unofficial transcript.

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B- average minimum (exclusive of thesis and dissertation grades).

In this section, we present the results of our study concerning students’ attitudes toward statistics in the three directions defined in the Introduction. First, we provide measures of reliability of the ATS and mean data about students’ attitudes toward statistics. Second, results on the relationship between attitudes toward statistics and statistics exam results (and the dissertation grade) are presented. Third, we examine the relationship between the attitudes toward statistics and general exam results.